Living Together

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15. Chapter 15

Acelia's P.O.V

getting myself together i pulled my phone out of my pocket, answered the call and walked out of the room, just in case the call interfered with any of the machines that were hooked up to justin and keeping him alive. 

"hey pattie, im sorry i forgot to call you, i was just about to actually." i lied.

"it's okay sweetie, scooter braun called me, he got me an immediate flight out to new york so i will be there tomorrow if all goes well." she replied, scooter obviously hadn't filled her in on what had happened, can't say i was surprised because if he had told her he would've had to say what had caused this in the first place, "how is he?" she continued, i didn't want to tell her especially because she had a 19 hour flight that she was about to get on.

"we haven't heard anything yet." i lied again, guilt was slowly building up inside of me.

"alright well, i have to go now i'm boarding the plane, stay strong sweetie and remember to message me if you do hear something so that i do get it when i land." faint cries were heard from the other end of the phone before I spoke up.

"I will Pattie, stay strong also and have a safe flight, love you."

"thanks Acelia, love you too." after that the other end of the phone went dead without another word to be said, sighing I slid my phone back into my pocket and walked into Justin's room, I sat in the vacant seat next to Justin's bed and took his hand in mine. 

"I don't care how long this takes, I'm going to be by your side every minute of everyday until you wake up justin." licking my lips and wiping the tears that had unintentionally fell I continued, "I don't care how uncomfortable this chair is, or the fact that you probably can't hear me, I'm not leaving you." as soon as I finished what I had to say, his fingers wrapped around mine and his heart rate monitor began beeping frantically.

"Justin, baby if you can hear me wake up" I pleaded frantically, leaning on the edge of my seat while stroking my free hand through Justin hair. "baby please please please please." I was too busy begging to realize the loud noise ringing in my ear and the grip around my hand loosen. It took a while for me to realize what was happening.

he was dying.


"JUSTIN BABY PLEASE STAY WITH ME, PLEASE." I shrieked tears falling from my eyes with no sign of stopping anytime soon, doctors rushing in grabbing things from the cabinets and setting them on the floor next to his bed, screaming instructions that i couldn't make sense of, everything around me felt as though it had put into slow motion.


a nurse approached me and spoke, i ignored what she was telling me, I had no intention of listening to her I was too focused on Justin's body, looking for any simple sign, anything that told me he could hear me, she grabbed me by the hand and forcefully dragged me out of the room through my piercing screams. "LET ME GO, I NEED TO BE WITH HIM." she shook her head and walked back into the room, slamming it in my face.

without thinking i clenched both my hands into fists and started kicking and banging the door furiously shrieking at the nurse telling her how i promised to be by his side but got no reply, i could barely see anything through the amount of tears that were filling and falling from my eyes, my whole body fell limp, i came in instant contact with the cold floor hitting my head hard just like i had when i found out about this whole situation, darkness surrounded me once again, leaving me useless.

Justin's P.O.V

"I don't care how long this takes, I'm going to be by your side every minute of everyday until you wake up justin." there was a slight pause before she started again, "I don't care how uncomfortable this chair is, or the fact that you probably can't hear me, I'm not leaving you." this killed me, i couldn't see what she was doing, i couldn't reply and i couldn't move, it was breaking my heart because all i wanted to do right in this moment was hold her and tell her how much she meant to me, how i couldn't live without her, she kept me strong, she pushed me into believing in myself.

i loved her and i wasn't going to give up without a fight.

before i knew it my hand had wrapped itself around hers, the beeping in my ears began going faster and faster, her pleas for me to wake up got louder, everything was too much for my body to take, i tried to fight the darkness that was over coming me but failed miserably.

everything went silent.

Acelia's P.O.V

"acelia, wake up." my eyes fluttered open to see hannah's face looking down into mine, we were sitting in the waiting room, instantly thoughts of justin rushed into my mind.

"wheres justin, how is he? how long was i out?, is he okay please tell me he's okay hannah if hes not okay i don-"

"HE'S FINE ACELIA" she snapped, "you were asleep for six hours, they managed to revive him after trying for thirty minutes."

without asking any further questions i was on my feet and running towards justin's room. when i got there, i put my hand on the door handle about to open it when i was stopped by hannah who i hadn't realized has followed me, "you don't want to go in there acelia." she warned.

"really because if i didn't i wouldn't have ran here, would i? i'm going in whether you like it or not." i spat, i was sick of people telling me what i can and can't do, i entered the room and shut the door behind me quickly so that hannah had no chance of getting in.

i gasped when i saw Justin sitting up right in his bed watching tv, his eyes brows furrowed, i ran over to him and hugged him with no intention of letting go anytime soon, tears now falling from my eyes again but this time it was because i was happy, i hadn't lost him like i thought i had, i was in his arms once again and if it was my choice, i would be in his arms forever.

"oh my gosh, you're okay, you're awake, i cant believe this, justin i love you so so much and im so so sorry for everything, i thought i lost you justin, i thought i was never going to be able to see or hear you speak again, baby don't scare me like that."

my whole body froze over instantly when i heard what left his mouth.

"do i know you?"

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