Living Together

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14. Chapter 14

Acelia's P.O.V

"n-no no no no, there... there must be some kind of mistake."i pleaded, hoping that the doctor was playing some sort of sick prank on us.

"I wish there was..." he trailed off, rubbing his hand up and down my back trying to comfort me, "we don't know how long this could last, it could be permanent for all we know." 

trying to process all this new found information, it all started to sink in that i might not every be able to tell justin how i really felt, how he was all i ever wanted. i wouldn't be able to feel his arms around me or his lips on mine again.

the one person that meant more than anything to me, the one that had been with me basically all my life and knew all my secrets and was there for me when i needed him the most is basically no better than dead.

i wanted nothing more than to just cry but it felt as though my eyes were forbidding tears to fall, it was as though they wanted to keep a strong front but my mind was on a complete different page.

"c-can i see him... alone?" i chocked out, i wanted alone time with justin, to apologize for letting this happen and for lying to his face.

"yeah of course, come through this way." he pointed out the door, i walked through it in a rush not even bothering to turn around and reassure the others that i would be fine visiting him on my own because i knew i wouldn't be no matter how hard i tried.

the elevator ride to the second floor was quick and quite, the atmosphere between me and the doctor was highly awkward. 

walking through countless hallways, passing other patients rooms. i lost the strong front my eyes where trying to keep, tears gathered when i peered through one of the patients doors spotting a man kneeling beside a bed, his hand intertwined with another that from my point of view looked as if it belonged to his wive because they both had matching rings, my feet stopped immediately as soon as i realized what was going on in that room could be happening to be any moment, the ringing of the machine was clear in my ears now like as though i had been deaf for the past five minutes and only regaining the sense of sound at this moment, his loud cries and pleas begging god to bring her back to him, asking to take his own life instead of hers over powered the machine and were clear to hear until the door to their room slammed shut, blocking my vision.

i hadn't realized i was still staring into mid air until the doctor spoke up, tearing my gaze from the now closed door, "Mrs.Jones, are you coming?" he asked politely, "uh, yeah, sorry." i responded, whipping my tears away with the back of my hand and catching up to him.

"just go straight in there mrs." walking in the direction he was pointing, i entered room number 126.

my hands immediately rose to my mouth, shaking violently at the sight of justin in front of me.

his body still, wires going in every direction, in, out and around him, the only thing reminding me that he was alive was the sound of the machine beeping along with his heart beat. i ran to his side, pulling a chair along with me and grabbing his hand in mine, my fingers locked tightly around his hand but his didn't return the favor.

this was all too much for me and the tears finally finding their way down my cheeks, crying for a while before i finally regained control over my voice.

"justin, i know it's too l-late and you c-cant reply to me, but i-i hope you can hear me b-because i don't know what i would do if i never told you the truth..." i licked my lips, sniffling again, "i love you, Justin Drew Bieber always have and i always will... i was going to tell you how i felt after the meeting with scooter, i was going to tell you, i was justin believe me i would've if it hadn't been for what scooter said that day, he made me believe that your image as a pop sensation would be greater if you didn't have a girlfriend on the scene, i was stupid to believe it, i should never had tried to push my feelings for you away."

"you don't know how much i wanted to tell you the truth at ambrosia, the fact that you remembered that ambrosia was my dream place to visit made me realize just how much you did care for me. when you told me how you felt, it was like my heart had been ripped and torn to pieces, i saw the pain in your eyes when i got up and left you alone, and when i was told you had been involved in the car accident, my whole word came crumbling down in a matter of seconds, i even fainted."

"i still remember that one time when i was sick with the flu for a month straight and couldn't attend school.. you came over every night, every night with out fail and each time you would bring me either chocolate or soup and a bunch of different funny and romantic movies, doing all you could to make me happy and healthier again even if that meant you would have to fail school yourself, and when i threw up all over you, you acted like you didn't care to make me feel better" i chuckled at the memory, "you kept telling me how it was alright, how you didn't care and you just laughed about it, i will never forget that month because you know why justin.." fiddling with my fingers now, i tore my gaze from them and faced justin, looking for any sign that he was hearing what i was saying.

"that was when i realized how much YOU meant to me, yeah you drive me completely insane sometimes but at the end of the day you're the only person i want to come home to. please if you can hear me baby, wake up, i need you in my life more than anyone else and if you leave me i have no idea how i'd cope or if i would even be around here long enough to see how i would cope, im sorry i lied to you, if i had just told you we would be together happy at out home... our home."

"i need you justin." i admitted sheepishly, "baby if you wake up i promise i'll never leave your side again, no more friendship deal, nothing, just me and you living together."

"baby please, give me a sign that you can hear what i'm say-"

my sentence was interrupted by a loud beeping noise filling the room and slicing through the quietness.

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