Living Together

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13. Chapter 13

Hannah's P.O.V

"Mrs, if you would like too, we can give you a lift to the hospital that he's been admitted to?" one of the police men spoke up after minutes of trying to wake acelia up, i crossed my arms and nodded in response, i was too shaken up to verbally respond, they obviously understood that i didn't want to talk. one cop picked up acelia and walked out of the apartment with me and the other one trailing behind closely.

one of the cops spoke up before he opened the door to the car, "my names Paul by the way, and he's Max." i nodded my head while hopping in the car looking over at acelia as both Paul and Max hopped in, he started the engine and within minutes we were already on the highway.

i still hadn't spoken, i have known Justin for a while but i wasn't as close as him and acelia, don't get me wrong i'm scared for him, i hope he's okay, not only for his well being but who knows what will happen to Acelia if he doesn't pull through, i can't even imagine the state she would be in.

Acelia's P.O.V

i woke up to the sound of a car engine and the passing of houses out side the window, i managed to find the strength to sit up straight and look over at Hannah, her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying she must've been doing, i couldn't blame her because soon enough i was crying too, the person i have known for my whole life, the one i love, could possibly die or be dead right at this moment.

my body shook as i remembered the last words i had said to him,  "I never really wanted to move here with you anyway.”, i caused this whole thing, if it wasn't for me screaming at him and walking out on him, he would still be at the apartment safe and sound.

but he wasn't and it was my fault he was possibly lying on his death bed.

i was so caught up in my thoughts i hadn't realized we had arrived and i was the only one left sitting in the car, Hannah opened my car door and one of the police officers held out their hand for me to grab and help myself out of the car, as i did so i felt my legs going weak, like they where going to give up on me again until hannah wrapped her arm around my waist and helped me stay straight, all i can say is that i'm defiantly not prepared too see what i had done to Justin.

Paul and Max introduced themselves to me before asking the nurse if they had anyone under the name Justin Bieber.

"uh no sir, we don't, i'm sorry you must have the wrong hospital." was the only response we got, my heart sunk even more.

"it's okay, they probably just haven't arri-" his sentence was cut short by people screaming while they pushed a patient in on a gurney, i didn't even think twice before running over there, i knew it was him, it had to be.

when i reached them i couldn't control myself, tears started streaming down my face again at the almost lifeless body of the person i loved in front of me.

"nonononono justin wake up, wake up justin." i cried, "JUSTIN, YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME, YOU CAN'T PLEASE WAKE UP." i shrieked, grabbing his face in my hands, "justin, i love you, i wi-wish i would've told you, i sh-should've told you" i could barley finish my sentence through all the tears and all the shouting in the background, "pl-please wake up, you can't leave me, no-not like this."

a doctor approached me before i could say anything else, "ma'am, step away from the gurney please, he needs to be taken care of." i wanted nothing more than to stay with him but i couldn't, i had to leave, i stepped away from the gurney and watched as they ran him down the hallways, before i could stop myself i was running after them but instantly lost my breath, my knees were numb and i immediately came in contact with the floor, this was all too much, putting my head in my hands, i tried to calm myself down, hannah was by my side in seconds wrapping her arms around me and trying so hard to calm me down which only made matters worse.

"he's gonna be okay celia, i promi-"

"WHAT IF HE'S NOT, WHAT IF BECAUSE OF ME HE DIES..." i trailed off, more tears appearing with each word i said, "if i had just told him in the first place, we wouldn't be here, we'd be at our apartment together, happy and safe, this is all my fault." i whispered.

"Acelia" i could tell hannah was about to give me one of her lectures, "you had nothing to do with this, you had no idea he was going to run away, you were doing this for his own good, you turned down the love of your life so that his dream would come true, if it's anyone's fault it's scooter for putting himself somewhere he shouldn't have." she snapped.

"but i listened to scooter, i did what he told me to do and if i hadn't justin would still be alive, you know i'm rig-" my whole body froze at the person standing before me, the monster that had created this whole mess, picking myself off the floor, i forced myself to look him in the eyes.

"acelia, where is he?" he asked innocently, acting like this wasn't his fault.

"why the fuck would i tell you scooter braun?" i said his name in disgust, "you're the reason he's here." i snapped,

"celia don'-" hannah started, i turned around to look her in the face, if looks could kill she would be dead right now, "hannah, let me fucking finish." i snapped, turning my full attention back to scooter who now had a look of fear written across his face, i continued, "if you would've kept your fucking nose out of his and my personal life, we wouldn't be here right now, you guilt tripped me into believing it was best for his career because you knew i would listen to you, but you and me both know that was complete bullshit, the only reason you didn't want me in the picture was because i'm not famous and i can't drive his album sale through the roof and that way you wouldn't make money, you only want him to benefit yourself, you make me sick." i spat through gritted teeth, i wasn't holding back, i wanted this prick to know exactly how i felt about him, "i honestly don't know how you can live with yourself." by the look on his face i knew i was right and so did he, he didn't even bother to speak up, he just nodded his head.

i pushed past him, knocking his shoulder with mine as i did so, i walking towards the waiting room when paul ran up to me with my phone in his hands, "Pattie" was sprawled across the screen, i froze all over before taking the phone out his hands and sliding my finger across the screen to answer her call.

"Celia?" she question with fear in her voice,  i nodded before realizing that she couldn't see me, "yeah pattie, it's me." i responded as i went and took a seat, knowing that if i had to be the one to tell her, i wouldn't be able to stand for much longer.

"where's justin, his auntie called me, he called her a couple of hours ago telling her that he would be visiting but he hasn't made it there, he wont pick up his phone and i'm really worried, is he okay acelia, please tell me he's okay." she pleaded, i wanted nothing more then to tell her what she wanted to hear but i couldn't, it's his mother and she needed to know.

"Pattie, listen to me, Justin..." i trailed off as tears started blurring my vision, "Justin's been in a car accident." i chocked out, i hated being the one to tell her this, if he didn't make it, she would be alone. i heard the phone drop and the violent sobs of a women on the other end, "PATTIE" i screamed, praying to god she heard me, i was surprised when the sobs became louder and she had picked up the phone, "listen to me pattie, he's in an operation, they are doing everything in their power to save him please, please, just stay strong, but i have to go for now but i'll call you whenever i'm told any news, i can't be on the phone in the hospital, pattie i love him and i love you, just please do as i s-say," i cried.

"okay" was the only response i got before she hung up, leaving me to cry even harder.


it's been four hours since he was taken into the operation room and not one sign of the doctor since i had to answer questions about justin and what his career and other things were, but i wasn't alone anymore, hannah, scooter and usher were with me, usher and scooter were talking about what would happen with justins career, well scooter was mostly talking about that until usher snapped at him, "listen scooter, this kids possibly on his death bed and you're talking about what will happen in his career, man have some respect, i don't know about you but i genuinely love this kid and i'm worried sick about him right now, if you just want to talk business, go back to the office because no one here want's to hear it.", his face was priceless, i let out a tiny chuckle at his response before Dr. Simon Bexlaham walked in.
immediately we all stood up and walked towards him, awaiting the news. "di-did he make it?" i said, breaking the silence. he cleared his throat before speaking up.

"he's breathing but i'm sorry to inform you that he slipped into a coma during the operation."

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