Living Together

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1. Chapter 1

Acelia's P.O.V
I woke up to the sun shining through my bedroom window and my mother screaming from down stairs for me to get up.

"Shit" i mumbled to myself as i slid my feet into slippers, how could i forget that today is the day I move to New York City with my childhood best friend Justin Bieber? I mean, that's all we have been talking about since freshman year.

I looked around my room at all the boxes spread out across the floor, as it started to sink in that this would probably be the last time I get to see my mom and brother for a while.

Mom walked in, interrupting my thoughts in the process, "you might want to hurry up and get ready, Justin will be here soon with the taxi to take you to the airport." And with that being said she hugged me and walked out, closing my door, leaving me all alone to get changed.


I walked over to my mirror admiring my outfit for the day, light blue skinny jeans with a black t-shirt and white vans. My blonde hair ending just above my hips, my tan from summer still hasn't faded, which is a good thing, and my green eyes standing out, I looked 24, i seriously didn't look 18.

As I put my iPhone and headphones into my carry on bag along with my favourite book, 'the last song' by Nicholas Sparks, just for something to read on the flight there, I heard footsteps coming from the stairs outside my door.

I glanced over my shoulder only to see my mom and brother standing there with tears in their eyes, this is what I had been dreading since day one, the goodbyes.
They both walked over to me, hugging me one at a time. You could tell they were trying to hold back their tears, I couldn't blame them, if it was them moving I would be doing the same thing. 

"Acelia," mom said looking in my eyes and speaking with a serious tone, "New York is quite far away from Australia, not to mention the time difference, so we won't be able to contact you a lot, just promise me, no funny business with justin?" She continued, they both looked at me a little more serious this time.

"Mom, if any funny business were to happen, me and justin have been friends since preschool, it would've happened but now!" I reassured her, she let out a sigh of relief and it suddenly became silent. Mum hugged me and so did my brother one last time, and the silence was broken when the taxi honked, only to trigger moms tears.

I kissed my brother and my mom goodbye for the last time, i told them i'd skype them as much as i possibly could, I grabbed my bags and headed for justin and the taxi waiting outside. 

There he was, walking towards me with that giant smile of his, even though he was my best friend, I had to admit that he was gorgeous.
"Hey Celia." He sounded as if he hadn't got a wink of sleep.
"Hey Justin, do you mind taking this, its really heavy!" I admitted, extending my arm with the suitcase in hand.
"Sur- shit Celia, what the fuck is in this?!" He asked
"Aww, is it too much for Bieber to handle?" I teased, opening the cab door.
"Aha, nothing's too much for me to handle'." He mimicked my voice, I hated when people did that. I rolled my eyes at him before shutting the cab door right in his face. 
I put my earphones in and started listening to any song that came up on shuffle, as each second past I felt my eyelids getting heavier and before I knew it, I was asleep.

Justin's P.O.V (before he arrived with the taxi)

I didn't get any sleep last night, all I could think about was in less than 48 hours I would be moving into my new apartment with my best friend Celia over looking New York, how could my life get any better?

Our flight is in less than two hours and I still had to get ready, pack my carry on and pick up Celia, fuck.

I managed to find tacksuit pants, a white V-neck and my red Supras and a leather jacket. that would do, I mean we are on a plane for 19 hours, I grabbed my MacBook off my bed and shoved it into my carry on along with a bunch of movies and sweets. 
I was just about to call the taxi service when my mom walked in, I feel bad leaving her here all alone, its bad enough that dad left her already, but now I'm doing the same.

"Hey hun, are you ready? I have called the cab and it should be here any minute." You could tell she was trying not to cry. 
"Yeah mom, I'm ready." I confirmed, "look if you don't want me to go, I can always stay?" she could tell that I was worried about her being alone.
"No, i'll be fine, this Is apart of your dream, you can't give that up for me, I'm happy for you and I want you to live your life the way you wan-" she was interrupted by the sound of the cab horn.

"I love you, mom." I whispered in her ear as I gave her one last hug, I could tell she was crying because my shoulder was now soaked.
"I will always love you, justin." She pulled out of the hug, only to give me a kiss on the cheek. I quickly turned around and walked away as fast as I could so she wouldn't see me crying, I'm going to miss her like crazy.
I opened the boot of the cab and threw my luggage in, now its off to Acelia's House.

We pulled into Celias driveway, the driver honked the horn and I saw the front door open, I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the tiny figure Infront of me, damn, she was beautiful.
"Hey Celia." I said as the smile on my face grew bigger by the second.
"Hey Justin, do you mind taking this, its really heavy!" She extended her arm, handing me a massive suitcase.
"Sur- shit Celia, what the fuck is in this?!" I blurted out.
"Aww, is it too much for Bieber to handle?" She teased.
"Aha, nothing's too much for me to handle'." I mimicked, i knew she hated that so i guess thats why the only answer I got was her rolling her eyes and shutting the cab door in my face.

I laughed at her reaction while I threw her bag into the boot and got into the taxi. I was about to hand Celia her plane ticket when I turned around to see she had already fallen asleep listening to music, so I decided to just leave her be.
this is going to be a quite cab ride.

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