Two people, one spark, a change of a lifetime. Who knew what one spark could do to two totally different people.


3. Logan

"C'mon, Logan. It'll be fun!"

"Lindsey, I don't wanna go tonight."

"Why not?" Logan's girlfriend, Lindsey, whined, "It's just a party over at Derek's house."

"Because I just don't wanna go tonight, ok?"

Logan walked over to the tv and turned off Catfish The Show. He was going through ANOTHER tantrum of Lindsey's. It was getting tiring. She had one at least once a day if she didn't get her way.

"Please, Logey?" she asked, using the stupid, terrible pet name she gave him.

"Lindsey, I told you not to call me that and I told you I don't want to go. That's final. And if you don't like my choice, then get the hell out or shut the fuck up because I am NOT dealing with ANOTHER one of your tantrums." Logan had hit his braking point.

"God, when'd you turn into such a bitch?" Lindsey spat, storming out the door.

Once the door closed, Logan fell back onto the couch, his brown hair falling over his green eyes.

He couldn't stop thinking about the girl at the beach. Meghan. He'd seen her before around school, usually reading and keeping to herself. Though, he'd never heard her talk.

Yet, there was something about her that had him attached to her.

Was it her brown eyes or her soft skin? Was it her chestnut hair or her pink lips? He didn't know. All he knew was that he couldn't stop thinking about her.

He had felt something when he looked into those beautiful brown eyes. Not a zing, not fireworks. More like a spark. A tiny little spark.

He never felt a spark looking into a girl's eyes before. Let alone talking to one. Come to think of it, he's NEVER felt a spark.

Logan walked over to the window, trying to clear his mind. It was when he opened the window that he saw something.

Up high, in the deep blue sky, was a bright shining star. It twinkled and shimmered in the clear sky.

He knew it was childish, but he did what every kid always did.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish......for a sign, any sign, that the spark with Meghan was real and not just my imagination." he wished.

He opened his eyes and it's as if the star disappeared. He blinked to see if he was just imagining something, but he wasn't. The star REALLY vanished. Into thin air.

Logan shook his head to clear his mind, and went up to his bedroom.

"I need to sleep." he muttered to himself, falling onto his bed.


"Hello? Anyone here?" Logan called, "Hello?"

He was in a pure white room. No windows, no doors, nothing. He started walking, searching for someone.

But he didn't know who.

"Hello?" another voiced called, "Logan?"

He paused. They knew his name? He didn't even know who it was, but it was as if his heart knew EXACTLY who it was.

"Meghan?" he called.

Meghan turned around the corner and smiled. Though she didn't say it, he could see his name on her lips.

They both smiled and Meghan started to run towards him.....



Logan shot up in his bed. He looked at his clock.

An hour. He was asleep for an hour. 'Not enough......' he thought to himself.

"LOGAN WATE!" Mrs. Wate shouted from downstairs.

"Coming!" he shouted back.

When he got downstairs, his mother was standing at the opened window, her arms crossed.

"Yeah?" Logan asked, just wanting to go back to sleep.

"How many times have I told you to close the window before you go to bed?!"

"Uh more than once?"

Mrs. Wate rolled her eyes. "Don't be a smart ass, Logan."

"Sorry," he said, "Can I PLEASE go back to bed? PLEASE?"

His mother sighed. "Fine."

Logan sighed and ran upstairs to continue his amazing, once in a lifetime, dream.
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