Two people, one spark, a change of a lifetime. Who knew what one spark could do to two totally different people.


4. Is This Seat Taken?

Meghan woke up to the sunrise shining through her window. 

It was the last week of school and she couldn't wait to get it over with. 

Meghan is a straight A student and she's constantly reading, writing, and studying. But she absolutely HATES school. She hates the drama, the teachers, the cliques, and the bullies. 

Mostly the bullies. 

Meghan was bullied all through her junior year. She was called ugly, fat, a slut, a whore, she was told to die, to kill herself, and much more. 

She shook off the thoughts of those horrible years and walked downstairs. 

Mrs. Chase was making breakfast. It was Meg's favourite: bacon, sunny side-up eggs, and toast. 

"Morning, Meg. How'd you sleep, honey?" her mother asked, cracking another egg and spilling it onto the pan. 

Meg yawned. "Pretty good. Mmmmmm breakfast smells good, Mom."

"Well thank you, Meg." her mother answered, handing Meghan the plate of delicious breakfast. 

Meghan scarfed all of the food down then ran upstairs to get changed. 

Meg isn't one of those girls who stand in front of their closet for twenty minutes whining, "I don't know what to wearrrrrr!" 

She simply grabs what looks cute and puts it on. 

Today, she picked out a white spaghetti-strap tank top, a pink knee-high skirt, a small brown belt, her brown cowgirl boots, a long silver necklace, silver hoop earrings, a simple silver bracelet, another floral pink bracelet, and grabbed her brown bag. 

She pulled her chestnut hair back into a high ponytail and did her makeup. 

Once she was done, she walked downstairs and went out the door. 

She walked down the streets quietly. No one payed any attention to her, as usual. 

As she was walking up to the school, she saw him. Logan. She stopped dead in her tracks. 

He was talking to the beach volleyball team, as usual. But he seemed.......distracted. Like something was on his mind. 

Meg just stood there staring at him. She had to admit, it was kinda creepy, but she couldn't help it. He was just so beautiful. 

She froze as she saw him turn his head. He locked eyes with her. 

'Shit.' she thought, 'Shit shit shit. Look away, Meg. Look. Away.'

He gave her a lop-sided grin then turned back to his group. 

Meg let out the breath she was holding in and continued her way into the school. 


"Logan, dude? You alright?" 

Logan snapped out of his daydream. 


"Yeah?" Logan asked, oblivious to his friends. 

"Dude, what's up with you? You've been like in your own little word." his friend, Josh, asked. 

"What do you mean?"

"I've been talking to you for who knows how long and all I got was this." Josh stood in his place, staring at the wall and hanging his mouth open. 

Logan laughed. "I'm fine, Josh. Really." he answered, lying through his teeth. 

Truth be told, he didn't know why he was so distracted over Meg. When he locked eyes with her before school, he felt a faint, longing sensation in his heart. It was weird. 

He and Josh walked to their last block, English. As they walked through the door, Logan almost stopped dead in his tracks. There she was. Meghan. 

She was sitting in the very front, reading a book. 

'Should I sit next to her...?' he thought to himself. 

"Dude, Logan. C'mon." Josh snapped him out of his faint trance. 

Logan started walking towards the back, but stopped and turned towards the quiet girl in the front. 

"Logan?" Josh called, but he didn't hear him. He just kept walking. 

"Excuse me?" Logan asked Meghan. 

She turned and her eyes sparkled. "Yes?"

"Is this seat taken...?" he hesitated. 

Meg looked next to her. "No, it's not actually. Did you want to sit here...? I can move if-"

"No, you're fine." Logan cut her off, sitting down. 

She chuckled. "Guess I'll stay." she stated. 

Logan couldn't help but smile. Today was ACTUALLY going well. 


The final bell rang and Meg grabbed her bag, stuffing her book inside. As she got up, Logan did as well. 

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow, Logan?" she asked. 

He hesitated. "Yeah."

Meghan nodded and started out the door. 

She heard running behind her. "Wait! Meghan!"

Meghan turned around and saw Logan running to her. 


"Can I walk home with you? I live like two houses down from you." he asked. 

"Uh sure." she answered, suddenly getting nervous. 

"Thanks." Logan smiled. 

They started to walk and managed to get some conversation going. Logan would crack a joke or two, making Meghan laugh. He'd smile at her laugh. 

"Well, this is it. Chase manor." Meghan said, stopping in her tracks. 

Logan chuckled. "Alright, well I guess I'll see you around, then?"

"Yeah. I guess you will."

They both smiled and went their separate ways. 

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