Two people, one spark, a change of a lifetime. Who knew what one spark could do to two totally different people.


1. Prologue

She walked along the sand, letting the cold water wash over her bare feet every so often, hair flowing behind her and a book in her hand.

She paid no attention to the gulls flying over the horizon or the crabs scuttling across the sand by her feet. She only paid attention to the romance novel held in her small hands.

"My life...everything I am...belongs to you." she read, getting lost in her favorite Harlequin Teen novel.

She smiled as she read the book.

'The two are so in love......why can't I have a romance like that? Let alone a boyfriend of my own.' she thought to herself.

She bent the top corner of the page and shut her book, looking up at the slow, beautiful sunset.

She tucked a strand of her chestnut-brown hair behind one ear as she watched the bright colors blend and the sun set.

About a mile away, a group of boys tossed a volleyball back and forth over a net in the sand.

One boy in particular stood out from the others. He wasn't as tan as the others. He had short brown hair that covered the tips of his ears and his bangs parted to one side of his face instead of dirty blonde hair.

His girlfriend waited on the sidelines. She was one of the popular cheerleaders with tan skin, long blonde hair, and a skinny body. She dressed in short shorts or skirts and tight-fitting tops.

The volleyball flew over the net. He spiked it hard, but not towards the net like he intended. Instead, it flew towards the water, where a girl was slowly walking, and hit her.

"Oh, shit." he cursed under his breath, running towards the girl, who was now in the sand, holding her head.

"Are you alright?" he asked, bending down to help her up.

"I-I'm fine." she said. She pushed her hair out of her brown eyes and they locked with his.

They stared at each other and, for a split second, there was some sort of spark, but then it was gone.

"Here, let me help you up." the boy said, grabbing her hand.

"Thank you, um....."

"Logan," he answered, "And you are....?"

"Meghan." the girl answered.

"Well, um Meghan, sorry bout that."

She chuckled. "It's fine."

With that, Logan grabbed the ball and ran back to the group, leaving Meghan standing there.

She hesitated before she continued her long walk home, across the sandy beach.
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