Running Into You Here

When two girls Bella and Hayley go and hang out they met some new people and after that day they thought they would never met again. When Bella and her two firends Hayley and Echo. Bella runs into somebody that she remembers. Her Xboyfriend. She trys to run away from him but runs into somebody else. Who is it? Read to find out!!


7. School Day

Hayley's POV

I walked into school right as the annocuements were done. Crap I thought. I walked into my class room and they were out of control. I had to teach 12th graders today. I thought today would be okay till I had gotten a book thrown at my head the whole class went silence.

"Everyone take your seats now!" I said. Everyone took there seats and looked at me.

"Now who threw this book?" no awnser!

"Now if no one awnser everyone has detenction. Also I will have the School come and talk to you about all of your behavior!"

"I did it!" someone said and raised there hand.  I looked and it was Harry. What is he doing here?

"Mr. Styles I will see you after school today here!"

"Yes, Ma'ma."

After that I thought the class. I was really tired. Then Harry came in.

"Please come and take a seat." He took his seat and just sat there.

"Come on Hayley why can't you let me go. You know me."

"Cause after what you did no!"

*30 minutes later*

He has about 10 minutes left then we both can leave. Harry got up and I have no clue what he was doing. He came over to me and leaned down adn wispered something. I could not hear. Then he was trying to flirt with me but I just ignored him. Then the princable walked in.

"Ms. Jackson what are you flirting with a student."

"Was not. He won't listen to me!"

"I have heard that so much! You are fired. Now leave." I looked at Harry and he liped sorry to me. I looked away got my stuff and left.

"Hayley wait!" Harry said.

"No, You got me fired. Leave me alone." I said to him and got into my car. I left and went to my house. I looked at the time and it was 500. I am going to get some sleep cause tomorrow is our big day we get to go to AdventureLand. I am so pumped up! can't wait to go and hang with Bella all day tomorrow. I was so tired that I was watching TV and then I fell asleep.

Harry's POV

No.... How could he fire Hayley she did nothing. I did everything and Hayley gets blamed for it. This is all my fault. I feel so bad for I just did to HAyley. There goes my chances of dating her. I just destroyed our friend ship.. Good Job Harry."

Nicole's POV

The boys and I were sitting there talking. I figure out that Harry has to go to school for a week I don't know why but he has too. Then a car pulled up. Harry came out of it and he walked over to us.

"Hey guys."

"Hey, where is Hayley?"

"Oh..... She went home."

"Why? She is suppose to stay over night so we can go to adventureland. Let me call her." I said.

I went and got my phone and call Hayley. After about 4 rings she picked up. I had put her on speaker.

"Hayley where are you?"

"I... am... At Home."

"Hayley is everything alright?"

"Ask Harry I hate him. I don't ever want to see him again. I hate him. I just hate him!"

"Hayley....... Can you come over."

'' I will be over in a little bit. I need to study."

"Okay... I will see you soon bye Hayley."


I looked up and Harry had a sad face on.

"Harry What happened?"

*After Everything*

"Harry......." I said. Harry told all of us what happened. I felt bad for Harry but yet I feel bad for Hayley more. I mean she is my best friend. I love her..., As a Friend. We all sat there in silence before I got up and looked at the time. It was 830. 

"Hey guys.....I need to head to bed."

"Can we stay?" Louis asked.


"Please." He pleaded. His eyes were so adorable and cute.


"Yah." They all said.

We all went inside. I let Zayn and Liam stay in one room. Then Niall and Harry in another. I went to the living room and layed down on the ground and Louis came and layed next to me. Then we all went to sleep.

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