Running Into You Here

When two girls Bella and Hayley go and hang out they met some new people and after that day they thought they would never met again. When Bella and her two firends Hayley and Echo. Bella runs into somebody that she remembers. Her Xboyfriend. She trys to run away from him but runs into somebody else. Who is it? Read to find out!!


2. Meeting New Friends

*Bella's POV*

Today I am going to go and hang out with Hayley today. We are going to be going to go and play Laser Tag. I am excited. I have not played this game in a long time! I went upstairs and took a shower.


After my shower I put on some jeans and a stripped shirt. Then I had got my hair dried just so it won’t drip. My hair was damp and I had put some dove in my hair. After it dried almost all of it I had crunched it and after it dried I put it in a ponytail. Then I went downstairs and feed my three puppies. Then I put them in their kennels and left. I drove all the way to Hayley’s house and picked her up. We drove for about 1hour and a half. We had gone shopping for about 30 minutes. Then ate lunch at her favorite place which is Taco Bell. Then we are now going to ONE of my favorite places Laser Tag. I love playing this game. I love being a little kid. Growing up is not fun. I LOVE being a kid again! We had gotten out of my car and got to the place.

“Hi girls how may I help you.” the guy said.

“Hi, We would like to play.” I said.

“Okay you and those five boys are going to be playing for almost 2 hours cause no one is here and I am just being nice today. Is that okay that you and those boys play together?”

“Yah, That would fine with us.”


I looked over at the boys and I started to walk over to them and Hayley followed. I was always the one who loved to meet new people. She was kinda shy at first. I walked up to the boys and they all looked at me.

“Hey guys……. We are going to be playing with you. Is that okay?” I said.

“Yah, sounds like fun! Oh I am Louis. Louis Tomlinson” Louis said.

“Hi, I am Bella. Bella Ann Tom.” I said.

“Pretty Name.”

“Thanks!” I said with a smile.

“Who is this?” Louis said.

“I-I-I am H-Hayley. Hayley Jackson” She said all shy.

“Hi, I am Harry. Harry Styles.” Harry said.


“Oh also this is Liam Payne. Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.” Louis said.

“So who is on who’s team?” Zayn said.

“How about Louis, Liam and Amber-Lynn. Then for the second team it can be Harry, Hayley, Zayn and Niall.” Harry said.

“Yah, Sounds awesome!” I said.

“Great. Can’t wait.” Niall said

“Awesome. When do we start?” Liam said.

“When ever you guys want to.” I said.

“Lets go then.” Harry and Niall said together. We started to walk to the counter. I was getting ready to pay for ours when..

“Hey, No. I got it.“ Louis said.

“No, it is fine. I can pay for me and Hayley.” I said.

“No. I got it.”

“Okay.” I said. After that Louis paid for everyone we went into another room and put on a vest. Then we all grabbed a gun. I looked down at my gun to make sure that I got the right gun. It said Louis on it. I was guessing that Louis must had had mine.



“Do you have my gun?”

“Yah.” He said turning around and trying to shot me. I ducked and he had shot Harry.

“Hey.” He said.


“It is war Tomlinson.” After that he ran off.

“Louis. I am on your team. Why did you try to attack me?”

“Oh Sorry I thought you were someone else.”

“It is okay. Also give me back my gun.”

“Oh Sorry here.” He handed me my gun and I handed him his. Then Liam came over.

“Okay here is the plan. Bella you be our Sniper girl. You try to hide but you are mostly going to be seen. Liam you be our look out. The person who will shot people but like if somebody is following me shot them and yell my name and hide. I will be the trap person. Who will make people follow me and then that is when you Bella and Liam are going to have to shot and yell my name and I will run. Okay?!”

“Okay.” Liam and I both said together. The bell rang and we were all running. I ran and I thought I saw someone so I shot and my gun light up. It had said Niall. After I hit him I ran. I found some stairs but I was not sure if someone was up their. I went up their and right as I got up their I found another set of stairs. I was now on the third set of stairs. I looked down and Louis looked up at me and knotted. He started to walk and someone was walking behind him. Right before they could shot him I had shot the person. It had said Harry. Liam and I both got Harry.

“Louis” I yelled. Harry turned around and so did Louis. Louis shot Harry and ran. Harry tried to shot me but missed really badly. He had Niall and Zayn go up the stair that they found, to go and find me. Him and Hayley were down trying to find Louis and Liam. I ran and hide behind something. I saw them come up and look for me. I felt a hand grab on my arm. I screamed and they covered my mouth.

“Shhh…. don’t worry. We are getting pay back.” They said. I turned around and it was Louis.

“Louis? How….”

“Bella.. Shh”


“Bella what would you do to make you be quiet I don’t want them to find us.”

“But…” right as I said that I felt something on my lips. Something warm, sweet, and gentle. I opened my eyes and saw Louis kissing me. We stopped kissing and I was just surprised. Louis looked me in the eyes and then looked to see where they were. They were far away. Louis grabbed my hand and helped me up and we ran down the stairs and hid on the second floor.

We waited on the second floor for about 15 minutes. Louis and I still had our hands together and we were sitting down waiting. Right as I was going to say something, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my hiding spot. I screamed and right as I screamed someone else grabbed my arm and they lifted me up off the ground and help me stand up. One of them scooped me up bridle style and carried me down the stairs. When we got downstairs I had saw that it was Niall who carried me down and Zayn must have grabbed me too. Niall set me down and Harry came over to me.

“Finally! We can get pay back.” He said. Then Hayley came up behind him.

“Yep, Pay back.” Hayley said.

“Hayley!!! Really?!” I said with a grin.

“Yep!” She said with a smile. Harry, Hayley, Niall, and Zayn all lifted up their guns and right before they could shot me the bell rang.

“No!!!” Harry yelled.

“We almost had her!!!” He said.

“Haha.” I said all happy. I met back up with Louis and Liam. Things were just very weird between Louis and I. Louis came up behind me while we were waiting for the guy to come and get our things.

“Hey, Sorry about what happened!?” Louis said.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said.

“But…. I feel really bad for what I did.” He said all upset and disappointed in himself. I turned around and I saw the sadness in his eyes.

“Louis, don’t worry about. I will be fine okay.” I said smiling which brought a smile on his face.

“Hey, here is my number so we can keep in touch. I really enjoyed hanging out with you today.”

“Yah, okay. Here is mine, 641-***-***.” I said. He gave me his too. I really liked hanging out with these guys. After we had handed the guy in the place the equipment we all walked out together.

“Well, we better head all the way back home. We have a 1hour and a half drive from here.” Hayley said.

“Wow, That is a long drive!” Harry said.

“Yah.” She said.

“It was really nice hanging out with you guys today.” I said.

“Yah, Hope we can do this again. Sometime.” Louis said.

“Yah, Bye guys.”

“Bye.” They all said. Hayley and I drove back to my place and I let her stay at my place for the night. Once we had gotten to my place I let my dogs out and I would just have to say, I should give Aggie to Hayley cause they are really good friends and they love each other. Anyways I wont have to worrie about to many jobs. I love Aggie but anyways after I had gotten home Aggie went and slept with Hayley in the guest bedroom and Ninja, Ghost, and I went right to bed. This is one of the best days ever! 

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