Running Into You Here

When two girls Bella and Hayley go and hang out they met some new people and after that day they thought they would never met again. When Bella and her two firends Hayley and Echo. Bella runs into somebody that she remembers. Her Xboyfriend. She trys to run away from him but runs into somebody else. Who is it? Read to find out!!


1. Meeting Everyone


Name- Bella Ann Tom
Age-18 turning 19
Birthday-September 13,1992
Parents-Colette Anise Tom and Shawn Alan Tom
Brothers/Sisters-Jake Alan Tom (Younger Brother)
Hobbie-Dancing, Singing, Shopping, Playing Sports, Swimming, Hanging with friends Alot, Playing Truth or Dare,Playing guitar, Surfing,Train and compete in horse jumping, riding, and others, Also do Goat shows.
Work-Vet(Parcel Time) Singing and Dancing(rest of the time)
Something Else to know about me-I have three puppies, Aggie who has very little pitbull in her, Begal and has tons of different types of hounds. Ninja who is a full breed husky that is all white with few spots on her back and a black mask over her eyes and Ghost who is the youngest who is a full breed husky that is Black and white. Very Pretty! I am the Jokester of the three of us, I am funny, and I laugh at pretty much anything.

Name-Echo Brooks
Birthday-March 2,1990
Parents-Don't have any
Brothers/Sisters-Have an older brother, but he wants nothing to do with me. I barley see him any more.
Hobbie-Drawing, Playing guitar, Playing drums
Work-Looking for a job
Something else to know about me-I have no parents cause when I was 13, they desided that they didn't want me any more, So they left me on the street. I have been taking care of myself since then and have been trying to look for a job. I also Love to watch Anime Naruto!

Name-Hayley Emma Jackson
Birthday-May 5,1990
Parents-Mia Jackson and Randy Jackson
Brothers/Sisters-Lily Jackson (Younger Sister)
Hobbie-Dancing, Playing Basketball
Work-I am a teacher
Something else to know about me-I am outgoing, Happy, Funny, and Creative.


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