Running Into You Here

When two girls Bella and Hayley go and hang out they met some new people and after that day they thought they would never met again. When Bella and her two firends Hayley and Echo. Bella runs into somebody that she remembers. Her Xboyfriend. She trys to run away from him but runs into somebody else. Who is it? Read to find out!!


6. Hanging with the boys

Bella's POV

Louis likes me? No.... I dont beileve it cause at school everyone said that this one person likes me and it is never true. SO I dont beileve it. I won't beileve it unless he comes up and tells me. So. Yh. We all met up at my beach house. The boys came into my place. We hung out for a while and then we descided to go and go out to the beach and hang around. Louis and I were just walking around. We both sat down next to each other.

"Hey I will be right back."


I ran into the house and changed into my swim suit that I really like it looked like this:


I went back outside and I grabbed my surf board that was on the side of my house. I was walking back to the beach to where Louis and I where. Louis saw me and smiled and waved to me. I lifted my head to say 'Hey' Since my hands were carrying my board. I was paddling out and while I was still towards shore I looked over and saw Harry pick up Hayley. He threw her into the water where it was not shallow. Oh no Hayley can't swim.

"HARRY SHE CAN"T SWIM!!!!" Harry looked over and dove under water. A few seconds later Harry came back up with Hayley in his arms. He put her on the beach and she was okay. She gave Harry a hug. Then I saw a wave and Louis way giving me the look that said 'Go for it' I went for it and when I was about done. I jumped off acting like I fell. Then I acted like I was drowning and someone came and got me. They put me on the beach.

"Come on Bella. Please be okay." I could tell it was Louis. I didnt awnser. Then all of a sudden I felt something on my lips. I opened my eyes and Louis was kissing me. I kissed him back just a little bit not really. Then he stopped and he looked at me.

"Thank god you are okay. Dont do that again with out me out there." He said.

"I swear I wont."

"Good." After that we all relaxed and Liam and Zayn made a fire. We all had a bonfire.

"Hey Bella do you mined if we spend the night?" Hayley and Harry both asked.

"Yah, want to sleep out here, tents? Lol or inside?"

"Tents!" Niall said all happy.

"Okay. Let me go get how many?"

"How about three?" Liam said.

"Okay." I went inside and got three tents. We all put them up. Louis, Hayley, Harry, and I went inside and got some blankets and pillows. I gave Liam, Zayn, and Niall there things.

"So...... Who is sleeping where?"

"Hayley and I?" Harrry asked.


"Kay. Then?"

"You and me?" Louis asked.

"Are you guys okay with sleeping with three.?"

"Yh." Zayn said.

"Okay then. Yes." Everyone went off to bed. I went into our tent which was pretty big but not teo big. It was a two part thing like you unzip the front and you walk in and you can put like your food and drinks and shoes there then you unzip another part and that is where you sleep. So I went and got the blankets and pillows together. Then we both layed down and I fell asleep pretty quickly.


I woke up all warm. I was going to get up but I felt something on me and I saw Louis had his arm around me. What the heck. I might have woken him by accedent. Opps.

"Sorry about that Louis."

"No you are fine Love."

"Okay." I got up and I went out to check if anyone was up. Thank god. I went back into the tent and told Louis to stay in the sleeping room until I say it is okay. I went and changed into my other swimsuit that was red with black dots on it.

"Okay Louis. Are you coming with me?"


"To the sea?"

"Sure. I dont have any pants."

"Oh yah."

"Lets go to my place and we can have like a sleepover thing with all of us."

"Okay." I threw on my white dress that was my cover up. We went up to Louis's car and drove to his place. When we got there we both went in and he got him self some cloths and Harry some too. Then we went to Liam, Niall, and Zayn's place. Got them some cloths too and went back to the beach. When we got there no one was awake. Well, anyways it is 600am anyways. Louis changed into his swimsuit while I went and put in the boys cloths. Hayley had some at my place. I went into Hayley and HArry's and they left there unzipped and Hayley was cuddled into Harry's chest. They are so cute together! I left and Lousi was out and ready. We went and got surf boards. We went out to the beach and just sat there. We talked for a while until.....

"CRAP!!" someone yelled behinded us. We turned around and Hayley ran into the house and then came back out and left.

"Come on." I sait to Louis. We both went paddled to shore. I went and got my phone.

Text (H-Hayley B-Bella)

B-Hey everything okay?

H-I am going to be late today for my class.

B-Oh, I see. Do you know where Harry is?

H- Nope well, I got to go text you at lunch time bye


Well, today is just me and the boys.

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