Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


3. 3

          After the incident from last night, I wasn't sure if he would do it again. "Dani!" I got out of bed and slowly walked down the hall. When I got to the living room, he just stared at me. I looked down at the floor, I heard him light a cigarette. "Dani! Sit down!" I walked over to the couch and sat down, I knew what he was going to do...It was quite obvious. He grabbed my hand and smashed the cigarette over a recent cut. I bit my lip. I wanted to scream, but if I did, he'd punish me, but with something else would hurt even more.

         He took his cigarette and moved it down my leg. Every spot he stopped, he would smash the cigarette into my leg. After he was done, he threw the cigarette into the ash tray. He looked at me and started to yell horrible things. After he was done with his fit, he walked off into our room. He came walking out with his jacket on.

       "I'm leaving, and I'll be back in five minutes, don't be going anywhere!" Doesn't this idiot know, that I can't leave. He slammed the door shut, but I didn't hear the door lock. Did he actually forget to lock the door? Maybe? I walked over to the door, just to make sure. I grabbed the knob, turned slowly, and pulled. It opened! I peeped just to make sure he was gone, and he was. I don't have much time, only five minutes. I ran into our bedroom, opened the dresser drawer, and took out about two-hundred dollars out of his so called 'secret hiding spot'. I slipped on my shoes, and ran out the door. I knew there was a motel somewhere, but I haven't been outside for so long, I don't know where it is. Where do I go? My neighbors? He could find me there! I kept running, I looked behind me and saw Tyler's car. He was coming closer to me.

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