Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


27. 27

      It was my turn. "Mrs. Carter, please come to the stand." She sighed. I did the oath and took my seat. "Mrs. Carter, is it true that you attempted to 'kill' Tyler?" Tyler's lawyer asked.


        "Is it true he abused you." 


        "How so?"

     I rolled up my sleeves and pointed to the three round burns on my forearm, "These are from him burning me with cigarettes." 

        "Couldn't they be from you, or from your childhood?"

        "I didn't do this to myself, he did!" I shouted.

    She grasped my arm, "Your honor, these could be child-hood cuts, scars, burns!" She shouted. Her grasp hurt, she was yanking.

        "Let go!".

        "That's all your honor." She let go of my arm and took her seat. 

    My lawyer started to play a clip from the interrogation. "As you can see, Tyler showed acts of abusive behavior by telling my client - and I quote- 'I should've killed you when I had the chance." He said. "Mrs. Carter, would you be comfortable with me showing the jury the pictures the examiner took of you?" He asked. I nodded and he began to play a slide show of the pictures, "As you can see your honor, my client has been through years of abuse. Mrs. Carter had unbelievable limitations in that place. No showering, rarely eating. She was raped three times a week, sometimes even five. She's been through more than any of you could imagine."  


      "I didn't mean to hurt Dani. I didn't mean to hurt her that bad." I glared over at Dani, tears sliding down her cheek.       "Dani wasn't your only victim, correct?"      

      "I had a girl a week or so after Danielle, she got away," I paused, "I needed someone to replace Dani, the closest thing to her was her sister." I looked over at Dani, "I loved you, I tried so hard not to hurt you." I got up and ran over to her, I could see the fear in her eyes, "I loved you!" I screamed. She pushed me away and I tightly gripped her arms, "I still love you."      

      "Ms. Ross, contain your client!"      

      "Dani. I didn't want to hurt you," I began to cry along with her, "I'm so sorry."      

      "Get off me!" I screamed       

      "Order! Order!" The judge was screaming. I was released from Dani by two officers.      



       "We the jury find the defendant guilty"

       "The defendant will be sentenced twenty-five years without parole." It's finally over, I no longer have to live with always feeling in danger. I no longer have to run from a monster who is constantly dragging me down. It's over.
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