Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


19. 19

          In my amaze, Ellie didn't have a scratch on her, she just had the biggest smile on her face. "Mommy!" She hugged me, I held here tight in my arms, not wanting her to ever leave. "Hi, baby." I kissed her forehead. Jake rushed over, took Ellie from me, and held her close.

          A couple hours later, Ellie was across my lap sleeping, and I was cuddled up to Jake. "You okay?" He kissed my forehead, and ran his fingers through my hair.

              "Now that I've got the two most important people beside me, yes." I smiled and kissed him. I buried my face in his chest and closed my eyes.


          I peered through the crack in closet door and saw a woman with long blonde hair putting on her jeans. She kissed Tyler and walked out of the room. Tyler came over to the closet, I backed up against the wall. It was now or never, this was my chance to get away. He grabbed my hair and pulled me out, I screamed from the top of my lungs. The girl ran back in, in awe, "What's going on?" She screamed.

             "Leave!" Tyler yelled back. I've seen her before. I've heard her voice before, I just couldn't remember her.


         I woke up the next morning with Ellie between Jake and I. "Hi mommy!" She smiled kissing my nose.

              "Hi, sweetie!" I smiled back kissing her forehead. She stood up and started bouncing on the bed, "Don't wake Daddy up!" I smiled catching her and laying her back down.

              "Daddy?" She smiled, "J is Daddy?" She smiled and kissed his cheek. I didn't mean to call him 'Daddy', and I hadn't realized I did until it came out of my mouth.

              "Someday." I smiled, and took her into the kitchen. I put her in her highchair and gave her food. A few minutes late Jake walked into the kitchen.

              "Morning, gorgeous!" He kissed my forehead. "Morning, baby." He picked up and swung her around.

              "Hi daddy!" She smiled and kiss him. He set her back in her chair and looked at me kind of confused.

              "I accidently called you Daddy in front of her. It slipped."

              "I like it," He smiled, "I have work soon, so I better get ready." He walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

              "Look like it's just us today baby!" I smiled and she clapped her hands. After she was finished eating, I put her in her crib. Jake kissed me goodbye, and I laid down for a bit, but got up when my phone started buzzing.

              "I need to explain." Delilah said from the other end, "I'm coming over." I hung up and waited for her to show up. Not long after, I heard a knock at the door.

               "Coming!" I shouted. I opened the door, and Delilah walked past me and sat on the couch. "Why did Ellie come back with you?"

               "I did it for Tyler."

               "You took your niece for Tyler?" I laughed.

               "Yeah. I love him Dani. That's why I came over, I have to confess something." She paused, "A couple years ago, when you were still with Tyler, I went over to his house. After I was almost out the door, I heard someone scream bloody-murder, and I ran back in. Tyler had ahold of your hair and was dragging you out of the closet." I knew exactly what she was talking about.

               "You were the girl? You didn't even bother to call for help? You let this go on for two more years, knowing that I was alive, and obviously not fucking okay?" I screamed, "Why? I could've been out of there sooner!"

               "I love him." That's all she had to say, she did it for love. She didn't notify the police and tell them her sister was being tortured and that she was alive. She didn't tell anyone. She let it continue. I could've died.


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