Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


17. 17

         "Looks like someone important is trying to get ahold of you." I let the call go to voicemail. "Now, please tell me about your night." He sat on the couch and signaled for me to come sit by him.

          "I went out with an old friend, went back to his place and we had killer sex." I said getting up in his face. His hand hit my face, I fell hard to the ground.

          "You're a whore!" I got up off the ground and got in face. I wasn't afraid of him anymore.

          "Get the hell out of my house!" I spit in face. I could see the anger flare in his eyes.

          "Bitch." He mumbled under his breath walking out.

       After he left I went over to my mom's to see if Delilah and Ellie were over there, which they were. I thanked them for watching her, then took her back home. I laid her down for a nap, then called Jake to see why he called earlier.

           "Hey, you called earlier?"

           "Yeah, I was going to see if you wanted to go out tonight...again." He laughed.

           "Actually, why don't you come over to my place. We can watch movies," I paused, "But, before you to agree to anything, Ellie will be with us."

           "I'd love too."

           "Is seven thirty okay?"



           "Hey!" I smiled when Jake walked inside.

           "Wow! She is a cutie!" I gave Ellie to him. She was bouncing in his arms along with her blonde curls. He made his way to the couch and played with her. He was the perfect father figure for her.

           "You guys pick a movie. I'll make popcorn." I walked into the kitchen and made the popcorn. Ten minutes later I came out and set it on the coffee table. "What movie are we watching?"

           "Frank." He laughed.

           "What is 'Frank'?" I had never heard of this movie in my life.

           "Don't know, looked goofy though." He smiled. I snuggled up to him and Ellie laid across us. "I would love to do this the rest of my life," He sighed, "Lay around with the two most beautiful girls and watch movies." I looked at him and kissed him. He was so sweet, and gentle, and loving. He was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Even though we weren't together, I loved him. I loved him more than I've loved anyone my entire life.

           "Momma I sleepy." Ellie yawned, rubbing her eyes. I picked her and her 'blankie' up and laid her down. I snuggled back up to Jake, but our little 'date' was ruined when Tyler decided to barge in.

           "What are you doing here!" I shouted.

           "Who's this?" He ignored my comment.

           "Jake. The guy I was telling you about this morning, when I kicked you out!"

           "Oh, yes, the one you 'had killer sex' with?" He laughed.

           "Dani, who's this?" Jake said from behind me.

           "My ex-boyfriend, Tyler." Tyler just stood there smiling.

           "C'mon man, let's not do this tonight. Just go home." Jake said stepping in front of me.

           "This is my home." Tyler shouted.

           "Go home." Jake shouted back. Tyler stood there and shook his head 'no'. Jake's fist made contact with Tyler's mouth. "Leave." He screamed.

            "I'm not done with you Dani." Tyler shouted as he left.

            "I'm so sorry." I started crying.

            "Don't be sorry, babe." Jake kissed my forehead. "I'll stay here with you guys tonight." He smiled wiping away my tears.


         The next morning I woke up in Jake's arms, he was still asleep. I laid on top of him and kissed his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair, "Good morning, beautiful..." He said in a sexy raspy way.

             "Morning..." I said kissing him. He rolled me over and slid his arms around my waist. I removed myself from his arms and put on a t-shirt and shorts. I went into Ellie's room, "Morning baby." I lifted up her blanket, but she wasn't under it. "Jake! Ellie isn't here!"



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