Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


15. 15

            I pulled into the driveway and got Ellie out, "Mommy's got some business to handle." I smiled at her. I went up to the door and knocked. I heard Delilah yell, 'Coming.' I stood there patiently waiting - frankly I had no patience - until she finally opened the door, "Dani?" She looked confused.

            "Delilah! Mind if I come in?" I smiled and gave her Ellie.

            "Sure, I guess?" She said to herself, but I heard her loud and clear.

            "Why is Tyler's car here?"

            "Tyler's car?"

            "Yes. Tyler's car. Why is it here?" She looked around the room, not making eye contact with me, "Why is his car here?" I screamed at her.

            "Whose here babe?" Shouted a voice from upstairs. I looked at her, and ran up the stairs. I opened the bedroom door, Tyler was wearing nothing but his boxers.

             "How's work?" I smiled. I so badly, wanted to punch him in the face, and cuss him out.

             "Dani? Dani! It's not what it looks like." I slammed the door and walked downstairs. "Dani! Wait!" Tyler was running down the stairs putting his jeans on. I ignored him, took Ellie from Delilah, and walked out.


             "Dani!" I knew exactly who it was when I heard the car pull into the drive way. I walked into the living room and stopped Tyler from getting any further into the house.

             "Leave." He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead, I pulled away. "Leave."

             "Dani, don't do this to me."

             "Leave! God dammit, Leave!" I screamed, but instead of yelled at by him, I was struck by his fist. I fell to ground screaming in pain.

             "You can't do this to me!" He jumped on top of me and hit me, over, and over again. I tried to yell stop, but his screaming overpowered mine. "You can't leave me!"

             "Tyler! Stop!" I screamed. He got off me, and looked at what he'd just done. He started crying uncontrollably. "You have until tomorrow morning to get your things. If I come back and you're here, I will call the cops." I walked into my room, packed a bag and got Ellie and her things. "You better not be here when I get back tomorrow." I screamed. He was still crying when I left.


             "Hello?" I opened the door to my parents house, and Delilah was sitting on the couch crying, with both of my parents comforting her. "What's going on? Why is she here?"

             "Delilah feels really bad about early." Delilah couldn't even speak for herself, she had to have my dad talk.

             "She feels really bad for having sex with the father of my child?"

             "We didn't have sex Dani!" She was sobbing uncontrollably making it hard to understand what the hell just came out of her mouth.

             "What did you think was going to happen Dani? I told you Tyler isn't what's best for you!" My mom shouted over Delilah's sobs.

             "I wasn't expecting her to bang him!" I shouted back, "And for you, I am really in awe, with this whole situation. You try to have sex with your niece's father? You know what he's like! Why would you even try to go after him?"

             "You have no room to talk." My mom shouted back, Delilah was out of this conversation. It was between me and my mom now.

             "I'm sorry Mom for not being the perfect child. I'm so very fucking sorry for screwing around with Tyler when I was sixteen and falling deeply in love with him when I was eighteen. I'm sorry for not turning out like your prized possession, Delilah." She didn't say anything after that, it was silent. "And, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to talk to Delilah alone." My parents' nodded and both walked off. "Why." I asked, it's the only thing I wanted to know.

             "He came on to me."

             "That's your excuse? Just tell me why Delilah."

             "I don't have a reason Dani. He came over, and things happened, but I swear to you we didn't have sex."

             "So, when I went up stairs he just had all his clothes off for no reason?"

             "We were going to have sex, but we didn't. We didn't because I heard you knocking on the door. We didn't do it Dani." She started crying again, this time, I pulled her in and let her cry on my shoulder, "I'm sorry Delilah."



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