Daddy's Little Girl

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  • Published: 5 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
  • Status: Complete
For more than two years, Dani has suffered from the abuse of her ex-boyfriend. After escaping her abusive home, Tyler is set on keeping his promise, ending her life. What he doesn't know, ending hers, isn't just ending one.


14. 14

                 "Here's her bottle, her pacifier and diapers are in the diaper bag." I handed Ellie to my mom.

                 "Dani, you don't have to go tonight."

                 "It's just one date mom." I rolled my eyes.

                 "I know, but I don't trust him Dani."

                 "You're gonna have to learn, because he's the father of my child. He'll be around for awhile."

                 "You're not listening to me Dani. Your father and I just want what's best for you, and he isn't."

                 "I am listening. I hear you, loud and clear. I just don't care for what you have to say." She rolled her eyes and slammed the door in my face before I could tell Ellie goodbye.


                  He slammed the door shut. I was in his arms, up against the wall. His lips were roaming my body. Suddenly, my black dress was on the floor, along with my bra. He threw me onto the bed. I unzipped his pants and took off his shirt. He got on top of me and kissed my neck. I let out a soft moan as his went lower.


                   I woke up to Tyler kissing my forehead, "Morning sunshine." He kissed me.

                   "What time is it?" I gave him another kiss.

                   "Almost noon."

                   "What? My shift started at six! I was supposed to get Ellie from Mom's thirty minutes ago! Why didn't you get me up?" I got out of bed and threw on a t-shirt and sweats.

                   "I'll be at work by the time you get back." I ignored what he said and rushed over to my mom's.


                    Before I went inside, I tried to fix my hair and wipe away the smeared mascara, but I epically failed and looked like I had been up since three, which was kind of true. "Hello?" I shouted when I walked inside.

                    "You're late." My mom handed me Ellie and her things. "You look terrible! Are you feeling okay?"

                    "I overslept, and yes, I feel great." I smirked.

                    "How was last night?" She smiled, but I could tell she didn't really care about what I had to say. She wanted me gone.

                    "It was fine. Didn't do much." I eased my way to the door.

                    "Didn't do much? You could've got a goodnight's rest then."

                    "Went to movie, then dinner. Dropped me off at home and I went to bed."

                    "Then you could've picked up Ellie when you got home." She rolled her eyes.

                    "Fine. He slept over, as in we had sex. Now, you can yell at me and tell me how disappointed you are that I, 'let him in...again' or you could not just say anything and let me take my daughter home." I grinned. I knew, she wanted to say something so cruel and heartbreaking, but I also knew, I had summed up what she was going to say. She stood there quietly. "Say, bye-bye to nana, Ellie." I said walking out.

                     I put Ellie in her car-seat and left. I drove past Delilah's to see Tyler's car parked out front. "So much for work." I mumbled to myself.




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