Back to December

Rachel and Harry are married. But they aren't very happy together. They constantly fight. Lets go back to December. When things were right.


1. 1




   "Bye Liam."I said hugging him and getting out of his car. "Bye. Good Luck."He said knowing that we fight. I walked up to the door of the place I call home. I put my hand on the handle debating on wether I should go in. I opened the door and saw Harry on the couch watching tv. "Where were you?"He asked. "I was with Liam."I said. "Why?"He asked. "Can't I hang out with my friends?"I asked. He gave me a look and I went into the kitchen. I got out a bottle of Pepsi and turned on the tv. I sighed as I flicked through the channels. I wish we could have a good and healthy relathionship. Like we used to. Uggh I'm so bored. I grabbed my phone and texted Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor. I asked them if they wanted to go shopping. Perrie replied first. "Sure!"She said. I texted back. "Alright come here now! Harry and I are fighting again."I said. "Why?"She asked. "I hung out with Liam."I said. "Oh alright on my way."She said. I got a text from Danielle next. "Yeah buddy!^o^"She said. "Alright come here"I said. "Ok see u in a few"She said. Eleanor answered last. "Sounds good!U want me to go to your house?"She asked. "Yeah:("I said. There was a knock at the door and I went and answered it. It was Danielle. She lives two blocks away so she came fast. "Hey!"I said. "Hi."She said. We walked into the living room. "Hi Harry.''Danielle said. He half smiled at her. "Okay whats wrong this time?"She asked. "He's mad that I hung out with Liam, when he hangs out with Cara and Ellis all of the time."I said. "Oh."She said. "Well, your both going to have other people to hang out with.''She said. "I kno-"I was cut of by the sound of the door bell. I sprinted to the door and there stood Eleanor and Perrie. "Hi!"I said hugging both of them. "Oh my god I missed you!"Perrie said. "I know I missed you too!"I said. I grabbed both of their wrists and Danielle followed. I pulled them upstairs and we walked into my room. "Help me pick out and outfit!"I said. "Ok."They said. We did what we always do. Perrie does my hair, Eleanor does my makeup, and Danielle picks out my outfit. Perrie got out all of my hair stuff, Eleanor got my makeup out, and Danielle was in my closet. "OOH I GOT IT!!"Danielle said walking out with a pair of ripped orange pants and a white flowy shirt. She got out my brown high boots too. "Not bad Peazer."I said. "Thanks Styles."We always refer to eachother by our last names when were doing this. "Edwards!"I said, and Perrie came running over with the stuff she needed. "Yes sir! I mean ma'am!"She said and we all laughed. She put my hair in a side braid. "CALDER!"I yelled, and she walked over wierdly. "YO! WHERE'S THE MAKEUP?!"I yelled. "Sorry bro bro."She said. She came out a minute later wearing a snapback and she had the makeup in her hand. She put on clear lip gloss, white eye shadow, and mascara. "Ok who's rready to go SHOPPING?!"I asked. "WHOO!"They all yelled. I laughed and we started walking downstairs. I heard laughing downstairs and I saw Ed and Cara."I looked at them. "Why is she here?I thought you weren't talking anymore."I said to Harry. "Well I like Cara."He said. "Then why don't you marry her?"I said walking out the door. Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor walked out after me. "He lied...Again."I said. "It's okay. we're here for you and so are the boys."Perrie said. I smiled and hugged her. We all piled into my car. It was me driving, Danielle in the passenger seat, and Elenor and Perrie in the back seat. I blasted the radio and Wings was on. "Walk, walk on over there. Cuz I'm to fly to care. Oh yeah."We sang together. We laughed. "I really shouldn't have said that because knowing him he's gonna go to the bar, And you know what happens then."I said looking at my scar. "SLEEPOVER!!!"Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle screamed. "I smiled. "I love you guys."I said and they all smiled.




We got to the mall soon after. We went into like every store. "I"m hungry."I complained while we were walking around. "Alright calm down."Eleanor said. We walked to the food court. We got Subway. We sat down at a table and ate. "Do you wanna leave now?"I asked. "Yeah."danielle said. "You can get your bag at your house first and then we'll go out again."Perrie said. "Okay."I nervously said. When we got to my house they waited in the car. It was around 6. I walked in. Yeah he's definatly drunk. I wa sshaking when I walked by him. "Where are you going?"He said grabbing my wrist and holding it tight. No matter how much I tried I couldn't get out of his grasp. He finally let go and I ran as fast as I could, but he'seally fast and he got me again. "Stop!"I yelled ay him. "I asked you a question."He said. "I'm going with the girls."I said. "You're not staying over are you?"He asked. "Yeah I am and they're probably wondering where I am so LET GO!"I yelled. I got free and ran and got my stuff. When I walked out he was right there and I ran out of the house. I ran in the car and started driving away. "What took you so long?"They asked. "I'll tell you later."I said with tears in my eyes. "He hurt you!"Danielle yealled looking at my wrist. We were at her house and she grabbed my arm. "What did he do?"She asked. "He wouldn't let go of my wrist."I said. She pulled me into a hug and we got out. "Poo I do't have a key but I think Liam's home."She said. We knocked on the door and he answered. "He-"he stopped when he saw me crying. He pulled me into a hug and I cried into his chest. I wish Harry would be more like him.

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