Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


19. Reychel

When I woke up, Harry was still fast asleep. I looked down at him, admiring him in the sunlight. He was lightly snoring, the heavy sleeper he is. I touched under his chin, picked his face up and stared at it. So gorgeous. I ran my thumb over his cheeks and lips. So amazing. I just...I wanted to kiss him but.. I was scared. He was just too perfect. I couldn't though. He was gonna throw me out soon anyways... but it was my chance. I moved the light swirls out of his face and twirled them around my fingers with one hand. With the other, I repositioned him, making him look up at me, then I intertwined his fingers in mine. His face was glowing, it was so adorable. How could I kiss him? I'd eventually tell him if he didn't wake up now. My consicous always wins. He suddenly moaned. My breathing hitched. He stayed still and lost his consciousness again. Now or never. I moved in, trying not to wake him. Then, fireworks. My small, dry lips pressed onto his big, plump, soft ones. It was such a refreshing feeling. I sighed into the kiss. Then Harry's droopy eyelids slowly opened; as if my kiss had saved his life like in the movies Josh used to show me. I was caught. I was about to pull off when he held me closer. By my surprise, he deepened the kiss and kept us together as he placed me on his chest. Nothing mattered anymore but this moment, this kiss. So full of love and passion. I then knew; he'd never get rid of me. I was safe here, and I'd be with Hazza forever. He finally broke the kiss and laid his forehead on mine. "I heard what you said yesterday..about it being your turn to care for me, love." Harry smirked and I poked his dimple. "So, I have a question for you, Reych." "Ok, go ahead, Haz." I giggled. "Will you be my girlfriend, babe?" I smiled so big my face hurt! "YES! Yes Harry, of course!" I squealed. Harry's face lit up and he threw me up in the air, as I screamed. He caught me gently and kissed my nose lightly. "Nobody will ever hurt you again princess." he smiled sweetly at me. I nodded and he hugged me tightly. We cuddled for hours, not leaving each other's sides for more than five minutes. I was happy. Finally happy with Harry.

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