Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


9. Reychel

My soaked T-shirt stuck to my body as I threw all my clothes into a bag. Leaving this place is ripping my heart out but if I don't wanna be in a foster home, I must go. My clothes consisted of five shirts and three pairs of jeans. I hand washed them in the sink everyday, trying to scrub out the blood and vomit. I washed my hair in the sink and cleaned up with buckets of water. My eyes burned as I zipped up the bag. I took one slow walk around my small shack. The old kitchen floor boards creaked, the red bathroom dripped with water, the small bedroom looked dim. My home. Where my dad abused me, where my mother killed him, where I grew up. Everything happened here. Josh held my hand for the first time in front of my house. All my emotions and secrets are hidden in these walls. I ran my hands over the bumps and dents, where I had hit the wall in anger, kicked the floor in hatred and screamed in agony. Throwing the bag over my shoulder and sighing, I put one foot on the window ledge. Looking back, I whispered, "Bye." One more tear fell before I jumped out the window and ran into the dense woods behind my old home.

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