Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


3. Reychel

The raw skin on my wrist burns with the sting of the blade. Its not enough and I know the pain will leave if I cut more. Deeper the metal seeps into my flesh, until the bliss comes. All my suffering gone in the blood that drips into the sink. Drops of red stain everything I own. I can't help myself though, it works for me. I've been cutting for so long that I know when to stop, or it'll get dangerous. I know my limits, I just haven't reached them yet. The last person to tell me to stop died years ago. My old boy friend, from when I was ten, cared about me. I loved him too. He had stopped my self-harming the whole time we were together. Then one day I got that call everyone dreads. The, 'I'm sorry but your loved one has been killed,' call. Josh was involved in a car accident. After that, I went into depression. Stopped going to school, stopped the bullying. I just stopped caring about everything all together. My father was abusive to me, but then my mother killed him. She was in prison, but died there. I didn't have anyone left. Nobody to tell me to stop cutting, to stop starving myself, to stop being bulimic. Feeling abandoned, I spent most of my time in the bathroom, trying to repair myself. I was making it worse each day. Sometimes I feel like I need someone, and then other days I want to die. Nobody cares about me. My appearance is horrible, I'm not skinny, and I am covered in scars and bruises. I don't even think that I have had contact with another human for..well years. Don't pity me, I'll die soon anyway...

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