Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


1. Reychel


 Never loved. Never felt happiness. Was abused. Hated.

Felt alone, forgotten, abandoned.

Pain was all she had known. Never had a stable family. Never had friends.

Gave up on everything, hope, school, life.

Poor, got most things from streets or pity donations.

Depression kicked in early in her life. Nobody was there to stop her from self-harming.

No one was there to make her life better.

Regrets and sadness filled her heart.

Broken inside, she tried to hide it.

Worry, anxiety, fears, pain, suffering fought in her mind.

Most days she didn't even care anymore.

Who cared about her?

She had a really tough life. Until bright people entered it.


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