Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


22. Hayley

I sit at the table with Niall next to me. "Baby this is amazing." He grins as he eats more of the bacon I made us. I giggle and lay my head in his shoulder. I start to hear loud screaming and look at niall nervously. "Its the fans..." He chuckles answering my unasked question. Wow, they are so loud.

"Why are they here? How in the world did they find out your address?" I look at him confusion taking over my features. "Your cute when you furrow your eyebrows like that." He chirps and I instantly blush. "Don't change the subject Mr. Horan" I cross my arms. "Haha alright princess, I don't know. They are the craziest fans in the world, but they're also the best!" His face lightens up and I smile.

The screams get louder and louder throughout the day and it slowly comes to me. This is what it's like dating a famous singer? Woah, I'm dating a famous singer... I look over at niall and he just grins at me. "Hi." He smiles cheekily. "Hi..." I smile. Eh, I can get used to the creepy crazy fans. 

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