Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


16. Hayley

Niall leans in to kiss me. "Niall, I don't know.'' I pull away. "Oh, sorry.'' He mutters. We sit in awkward silence until we pull up to the house I walk in and see a boy and a girl sitting at the table. Niall walks in behind me. "Come on we'll go to my room." Niall says. I follow him to his room. "Hayley, whats your story?" Niall asks. "What do you mean?" I smile, wishing he would just drop it. "I mean where did you come from?" He asks. Of course. "From a place.'' I answer. "Come on that's not funny." He whines. "Why do you care so much?" I ask. "Because.'' He shrugs. I wait for him to say something only instead he took my face in his hands a kisses my lips. It was the most amazing thing I have ever had, felt, done, anything. I felt the love radiating of his lips onto mine and vise-versa. "Wow." I whisper as he pulls away. He nods and looks at me. "I love you.'' He whispers. My answer was impulsive. "I love you too." Woah, wait, what did I just say?

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