Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


14. Hayley

I gasp and pull Niall into a store next to us. "Hey what was that for?" He asks. I point out the window at my parents, he nodds his head and we sit there silent untill they leave. ''That was close.'' Niall breaths. I nod and stand up from the display case we were ducked behind. ''So what's on the agenda for today?" I ask. ''Well today we are getting you to some new clothes.'' He smiles sly like. ''Ok.'' I nod. He smiles and drags me into store after store, swiping his shiny black card over and over again. ''Niall you don't have to do this.'' I say after we are driving home. ''I know...but I wanted to.'' He smiles and leans over to me. 

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