Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


10. Hayley

I wake up in a room with light blue walls. There are Irish decorations and a Irish flag on the walls. I shrink into the bed, trying to remember what happened. All I know is I ran away from my parents and ran into Tyler. The door opened and a boy with blond hair and blue eyes walks in. ''Oh hey, your awake.'' He sits next to me on the bed. I slid away from him. He sighs and looks down with a sad look in his eyes. ''What's your name?" I whisper. ''Niall, what's yours love?" He asks, looking hopeful. ''Hayley.'' I slightly smile. I smiled! I haven't really smiled in years! Niall smiles back to me. Well Hayley, how would you like it if I took you shopping?" He asks. I nod. ''I would like that.'' I smile. ''Get ready.'' He tosses me a pair of black jeans, and a t shirt. ''OK, thanks.'' I smile.

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