Lend You Broken Parts

Two broken girls, two loving boys. Sounds like it'll be a happy ending? Well....


6. Hayley

I walk into my house. Everything is quite, so that means my parents are either passed out, or out clubbing. I sigh and run to my room. Today is the day before I leave. I'm running away. I get the duffle bag I've been preparing for three years. I have about 1000 dollars from whenever I buy my parents drugs and keep whatever's left. I have five outfits an extra pair of vans, and my necklace that my grandma gave to me. I hear the front door open and shove the bag under my bed. "Hayley get down here now!" My mom yells. I run downstairs to my mom. ''Yes ma'am." I say. ''Get this house cleaned up!" She yells. I nod and she slaps me. I fall to the ground in pain. "Now you lazy no good..." She falls on the couch passed out. This is my chance, my dad won't be back for hours. I run upstairs still cupping my cheek. I take my bag out from under my bed and sling it over my shoulder. I run to the fridge and get some ice for my cheek. I open the back door and slip out into the cool air of the night.

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