together forever

Jamie has been seeing Louis Tomlinson for about a year now and they both love each other to pieces. But can someone get in the way to stop that?


6. The Mall

Jamie's P.O.V.

Today me and Louis are going to the mall to get some swim suits. As we arrived at the mall we put on out beanies and sunglasses  and got out of the car. Louis and I had a deal that I have to pick out a swim suit for him and he picks one for me. First I went to Holister and Louis went to Forever 21. I picked out 2 different swim suit one was yellow with orange stripes and the other one was blue with some white beachy flowers on it. I asked the manger (he was a guy) he said the blue and white one would be the best. I bought it and left the store.

Louis's P.O.V.

I was at Forever 21 and a couple of girls noticed me. I gave them my autograph and went on.i found a light blue swim suit and a peach one. I couldn't make up my mind so i got both of them. Jamie texted me and said meet me at the food court so we could get some Nandos or something :) <3. I love it how at the end of every text she sends me she puts a heart at the end. I got to the food court and saw Jamie sitting down i ran over to her and hugged her from the back she jumped a little and noticed it was me. She kissed me on the cheek. We exchanged bags and looked at the swim suits, she loved the ones i got her and i loved the one she got me. 

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