together forever

Jamie has been seeing Louis Tomlinson for about a year now and they both love each other to pieces. But can someone get in the way to stop that?


4. the kiss

Jamie's P.O.V.

As i got home from the store i saw there was another car in my drive way next to Louis's. I went inside to see Eleanor in the kitchen kissing Louis. Louis turned around and saw me run out the door so he followed me. I drove all the way to Niall's house and ran up to the door. As Niall open it i ran inside and sat on the couch. Whats wrong Niall asked me with a worried look on his face. thought all the crying I got out Lllouis was kkkissing Eleanor wheen III got hhome. Niall sat next to me almost about out to scream. As I was done Louis came barging in and ran to me.

Louis P.O.V.

I ran inside and ran next to Jamie. Let me explain I said. I'll give you 10 minutes go. Jamie said in tears. Eleanor broke in and just started kissing me. I didnt want to but she had a very strong grip on my shirt. She looked at me and said is that true? I nodded in agreement and hugged her with the hardest grip of my life as I whispered in her ear and said i will never do anything to hert  you.

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