together forever

Jamie has been seeing Louis Tomlinson for about a year now and they both love each other to pieces. But can someone get in the way to stop that?


5. the guy

Louis P.O.V.

I was at the supermarket with Jamie so i could get some carrots. I looked over where to Jamie was and saw a guy trying to get all over her. I ran over to her and pushed the guy off and saw Jamie with tears all over her face. I told the guy to go fuck himself. And to leave my baby alone. She hugged me I kissed her forehead. I wiped the tears off her face and we left. By the time we got home Jamie stopped crying and sat on the couch. I called the rest  of the guys over and we watched TED. We all laughed our asses off and just sat there talking for awhile after. It was 2:00 am be the time we were tired. We all agreed that it was to late to drive home so all the guys stayed at our house.


I woke up to the smell of wallfes and pancakes. I ran down stairs and saw Jamie cooking.I thought i should scare her shes so gullible. I put a skee mask on and said in a deep american voice WHO EVER IS UP SIT DOWN AND STAY STILL SO NO ONE GETS HURT! She screamed and sat down. As soon as i walked in I took off the mask. What the hell Jamie screamed after. I ate and just sat on the couch with Jamie next to me. Nothing can get better.

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