together forever

Jamie has been seeing Louis Tomlinson for about a year now and they both love each other to pieces. But can someone get in the way to stop that?


9. Just hanging out

Jamie P.O.V.

I just think today's gonna be the laziest day of my and Louis life. It was poring out and we had nothing to do. Louis tested the guys and told them to come over, they were all bringing a movie. Of coarse Liam was bringing Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, Niall's bringing over Pitch Perfect Zayn's bringing over 1000 words and Harry was bringing over 17 Again. They got their 30 minutes later of coarse with Nandos, we were starving but didn't want to cook. We watched all the movies and by that time it was around 3:30, so we wanted to play a game. Louis screamed TRUTH OR DARE! in my ear. so we all agreeded  to play.

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