together forever

Jamie has been seeing Louis Tomlinson for about a year now and they both love each other to pieces. But can someone get in the way to stop that?


7. first real dinner

Jamie's P.O.V

Tonight was going to be the best night ever. Louis and I were going to have our first real family dinner. My mom and dad and his mom and dad. I was getting changed for dinner.  I picked out a light blue sparkly dress. I curled my hair and put on some light makeup. When I was done getting changed i walked down stairs with my black heals clinking every time i took a step. Light blue was like the best color to chose because Lou had a light blue tie on too. 

Louis's P.O.V.

As i heard Jamie walking down the stairs i looked and saw a girl that i didn't believe it was Jamie. All the other guys were staring at her so i shouted hey guys she's mine get your eyes off. I took her hand and lead her outside to the car. As we got in i told her she looked amazing. She blushed and turned on the radio. Kiss You came on and we both started singing. As we pulled into the restaurant we mine and Jamie's parents getting out of their car. We followed them in and took a seat. Jamie and I shared a pasta her parent had chicken and my parents had the 5 cheese Italian pasta. Everything got along fine until Eleanor showed up, she came in hand in hand with some short fat guy. Thank god the waitress put the on the other side of the place. When we finished i payed. It was only 68.98 thats nothing compared to going to Nandos with Niall. We all left with huge smiles on our faces and went home.    

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