forever and always-harry styles fanfiction

emma is justa normal 18 year old countrey girl that lives in geogia,us but what will ahppen when she runs in to harry styles and the get each others number will harry fall head over hills for emma or will he just keep going on with his life???


1. about me...

 hey im madison  kelly i live in  Geogia,USA im a countrey girl for life and i love to go mud riding all the time!! i am one of those girls that have alot of friends that are  popular but im not the most popular person in school but i am not with all the nerds and weirdos and when i was 3 months old my mom died in a car reck but luckaly i servived the reck but she died and if she had not put my in the front seat of the car even though it was ilegall but if she had not done that i would be dead because the back seat flew out of the car and my dad left me with my grandparnets and they died 3 years ago so im on my on... but anyway  let me stop boring u to death with my life.........

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