forever and always-harry styles fanfiction

emma is justa normal 18 year old countrey girl that lives in geogia,us but what will ahppen when she runs in to harry styles and the get each others number will harry fall head over hills for emma or will he just keep going on with his life???


3. 1

Emma's POV 

   i woke up filling a little dizzy so i desided to go to starbucks. so i got out of bed and brush my teeth and put my make up on and then brushed my hair . then i went to my closet and picked out my black skinny jeans and a blue shirt and my tan uggs. so i went down stairs and grabed my car keys and drove up town to strarbucks. i walked in and noticed my best friend  summer and her boyfriend jackson "hey madison"she said "hey girl" i said "do u want the my other one direction ticket jackson said he did not want to go" she said "OMG ARE YOU CRAZY OF CORSE I WANT TO GO" i said jumping up and down 'ok so i will call u tomorrow thats when the concert is and u can come over and get ready" she said "ok i will see you then"i said "ok"she said. then i went to go order my vanialla bean frapoicino after i got my coffe i went back home and changed into some pink sweat pants and just sat on the sofa all day then i got a text from my best guy friend jonathan but i think of him as a brother so i picked up my phone and read the text


 hey do u want to hang out ???

to jonathan;

sure do u want to come over and watch a movie or do u want me to go over there??

from jonathan:

i come over at about 5

to jonathan:

but its 4:45 right now and u live 30 minutes away???

from jonathan:

well i guess im coming over right now then 

to jonathan:

ok so ur going to be here at about 5:15 and what movie do u want to watch???

from jonathan:

taken 2 and yea 

to jonathan:

ok see yea then 

from jonathan: 


so now it was about 5:05 and i went to go find taken 2 and pop some popcorn. after i pop some popcorn i sit on the sofa and wait for jonathan . will i was waiting iwas thinking about how i like him but im to scared to say anything and he is like my brother so it would be kinda weird if i did not try and put it behide me. all of sudden jonathan opens the door and sits on the coach next to me so i start the movie.

ok so now we are half way down with the movie and all of sudden he just pauses the movie and says "madison?"   "yea"        "ummm........i have something to tell u"   "ok"   "im in love with you"   "really i never thought u would ever say that because i love you 2" then he stares into my ears and then  he kissed me and i kissed back.........

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