The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


25. "Wow"

Jo's P.O.V.
I starred at the computer screen putting all of the scraps of evidence about Zara like how she's pregnant, the threatening conversation she had with me, and how she cheated on two of her boyfriends and harshly dumped and used the other, and forced him to spy on me. I put all of it on a CDs, I made the whole thing completely anonymous (except for Zara), I even put gloves on when handling the CDs so they wouldn't track me down or anything. 

Last night was a busy night for me I stayed up all night. I slipped a copy of the CD to every magazine that said awful things about me and to a few celebrity news TV shows under the door. I wore my thigh high black boots, my black knee-length coat, and my dark ray bands. It was a LONG night.


I sat up and reached for my to do list and checked off number one.

1. Revenge on Zara
2. Tell Louis
3. Go to Doctors with Louis at three

I got ready for my big day, after I finished I picked up my phone and dialed Louis's number. He picked up on the fifth ring. 
"Hello?" He answered groggily.
"Hey sorry it's Jo. Are you up?" I asked.
"I am now. What's up?" 
"Can we talk? Maybe for lunch or breakfast in your case" I questioned. 
"Yeah sure um Nandos in 20?" He replied.
"Sounds great why don't I pick you up?" 
"Sure bye" he said. I pressed end. 

I walked out of my apartment and began for Louis's in my ray bands,     I wear them everywhere lately now cause I'm a "celebrity" now. I walked past the same kiosk and smirked at the sight of Zara now on the cover of every magazine. I walked in pride the rest of the way there.   

I knocked on the door and was greeted by Louis who let me in. 
"Hey ready?" I asked.
"Yeah let me get my phone i'll be right back" he said. He ran off to the other room. A few seconds later Zara walked out wearing only Harry's blue pinstriped button down. 
"Wow Zara you and Harry must be really close now that you and Aaron are broken up. And that your carrying Harry's baby." I mocked.
"What are you talking about?" She denied. 
"Oh you didn't hear?" I turned on the TV to celebrity news where they were talking about Zara. Her jaw literally dropped. Then Louis walked out.
"Ready Love?" He asked.
"Ready!" I replied eagerly. We walked to Nandos making little small talk, finally when we sat down at Nandos I knew it was time. 
"Louis I have something to tell you. Can you be open minded though?" 
"Of course" he answered putting down his menu. 
"Um. . . well this is really hard to say but" I bit my lip," well you know how I got a call from the hospital about the father being Harry? Well I received another call yesterday from the hospital. There was a mix up in the DNA and mine got switched with someone else's and Harry is the father to that baby."  I explained.
"We'll do you know who the mother is for Harry's baby?" He questioned. I looked around at a few people hiding with cameras. I pulled out my phone. I thought it would be safer, for Harrys sake. 

Jo: The mother is Zara Leon the one in all those magazines. 

Louis: No way!!!! Wtf? 

Jo: Also there's one other thing about my baby. . .

Louis: Well what is it then love?

Jo: Um. . . Please don't freak out but your the father.   

Louis: . . .

Louis's P.O.V.
Wow what?!? Millions if thoughts raced through my head. That's great! No that's terrible! Whats going to happen to our friendship? 
"I know it's a shock, a really BIG shock but I'm not giving up this baby, I can't make the same mistake. I just can't!" She continued. Then she chugged her glass of water. "I'm sorry to just drop this bomb on you. . . but I need you to decide wether or not you want to be the father. I have a doctors appointment at three, if you decide you want to be apart of the baby's life then come if not then, don't even bother" she declared.  Then placed a twenty on the table and left. I just sat there thinking, I must have ordered like three beers which I drank in silence, letting my thoughts take me away. I was torn. . . but finally I came to a conclusion. 

*Three O'Clock*  

Jo's P.O.V.
I sat in the same waiting room chairs, my leg rattling as a stared at my watch as 2:59 turned to 3:00. 

"Jordan Brooke?" The nurse called. I looked up and nodded and followed her. I was so disappointed and depressed that Louis did not show up, before I knew it a tear rolled down my cheek. As I was about to walk into the other room I heard someone call,
"WAIT!" It was Louis he ran to me and gave me a huge hug. "I'm so sorry I'm late" he apologized. 
"Well come on let's get this show on the road!" The nurse sassed. 
"Sorry" Louis apologized. 

Louis's P.O.V.
I sat there at Nandos, and I realized I really wanted to be the father. I glared at my watch: 2:50. An alarm burst in my head. I had ten minutes to get all the way across town. I ran to the edge of the sidewalk and waved my hand around for a taxi for two minutes. Nothing. I was going to have to make a run for it. I sprinted for what felt like ages, when really it had only been two minutes. I dashed by each street sign. Twenty five blocks to go, twenty blocks to go, fifteen blocks to go. My stomach ached in pain. For Jo I thought to myself when I felt like curling up into a little ball and resting. Ten blocks to go, five blocks to go. I glanced down at my watch: three minutes until three. Four more blocks, three more blocks, two more blocks, one more block, VICTORY!!!! The hospital was in sight I ran through the glass doors and stopped for a brief moment. There I saw Jo about to walk into the other room. 
"WAIT!" I shouted. 


"So Jo this must be the father, again really sorry about the mix up" a doctor apologized for the hundredth time. 
"Hi, Louis Tomlinson" I said and stuck out my hand. 
"Glad you could make it, you put on quite the show in there" he brought up. 
"Well, yes" I replied awkwardly. "Really sorry about my appearance to you have a loo I could use to get, cleaned up a bit?" I asked politely looking down at my sweat soaked shirt. 
"Yes second door on the left" the doctor pointed. 
"Thank you. I'll be right back" I answered. 

In the bathroom I removed my shirt revealing my perfect abs, soaked it in cold water and stuck it under the hand dryer. I came out looking fresh and clean. 

"Ah Mr. Tomlinson, your just in time. Were going to look at the ultra sound now" he proclaimed. "Would you like to know the gender of your children?" The doctor asked. 
"Wait I'm sorry I think I might have heard you wrong. Did you say children?" Jo questioned. 
"You heard correctly Ms. Brooke, your having twins" he stated. 
"Wow" she said. 
"Yeah wow" I repeated. 
"We'll do you want to know the genders or not?" He asked for the second time.
"No thank you" Jo replied. 


I was in shock.



A/N: Hey directioners! Sorry it took so long to update, the teachers were really pilling the homework. I hope this and the last chapter makeup for all of the short ones and me not updating for a week or so. Tell me what you think of the new chapter! 




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