The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


12. Texts Revealed

Jo's P.O.V.
As I was walking out of the deli I saw this huge commotion in the middle of the street. There were police cars, ambulances, and staring people everywhere. Aside from seeing the police cars and ambulances I saw a taxi with smashed headlights and a man lying looking lifeless on the street. I covered my mouth in shock then pushed threw loads of people to try and get a better look at the man, it was Kyle. He was being loaded into the ambulance.
"Wait!" I yelled.
"Do you know him?" a doctor cried out. I nodded. "Meet us at the hospital. I nodded again. The ambulance left, it's screeching sirens pulling every car on the block aside. As the area cleared out, I stayed for a minute thinking about what may happen to my ex. I looked around I saw a cracked iPhone laying in the middle of the street next to a blood stain. I crossed the street, looking both ways of course picked up the phone and hopped back to the sidewalk. At my apartment I inspected the badly cracked phone. I unlocked the screen revealing a message at the top read Zayn Malik. Puzzled, by the mysterious phone I soon learned, Zayn used Kyle to get me to go out with me, and- trick her?!?!?!? Zayn Malik I will never go out with you, even if it makes your life a living hell.

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