The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


14. Nandos Disaster and Is This Really Me?

Jo's P.O.V.
I sat on the stool gazing into the mirror as I applied my makeup and did my hair. Eyes and concentration was on my hair and makeup but my mind was elsewhere. I thought about the vengeance I've planned on Zayn, Kyle sitting lifelessly on a hospital bed in coma, and about the butt load of paperwork sitting on my desk that I had to fill out about Kyle.  Finally finished getting ready I went off to Niall's place. 

Niall's P.O.V.
I threw on a t-shirt and a blazer and a pair of jeans and sprayed some of my manly cologne. As I shaped my hair (like Zayn does, who's hair is so called "perfect". That was his nickname in high school, "Mr. "Perfect" Hair") the doorbell rang when I ran to the door I accidentally tipped over my hair gel. 
"Coming!" I yelled. I opened the door Jo looking fantastic as usual entered. I must have drooled a little bit because Jo wiped my lower lip. "Thanks" I said my face turning rosy pink. "Right this way my lady" I said sounding like some waiter. I gestured Jo to come in and lead her to the terrace. As we approached the table for two I pulled her chair out for her.
"Why thank you" Jo said surprised.
"Your quite welcome. I will be right back with your food" I said in the same waiters tone.
"Oh do you need hel-" she tried to ask.
"No, no" I said "you just sit right there" I confidentially stated. I jogged into the kitchen to grab the food, it was quite heavy though since I eat a lot.

Jo's P.O.V.
Niall acting was so sweet, it was almost unbearable. Then I heard a crash and bang. I ran in to find Niall lying in hair gel covered in nandos's food. I chuckled a bit then snapped back into reality.
"Are you ok?" I asked.
"Other than the fact I'm on the floor, than yes I'm fine." He replied. I gave him a hand up. 
"Why don't we just get take out?" I asked. He nodded with his head down, he looked sad. Well he is a softie I thought. "Niall, are you ok?" I asked him.
"We'll it's just that I wanted to make this night perfect and all because your the perfect girl, I mean your gorgeous and smart and you know." Niall said sadly his with cute Irish accent. I put my finger up to his soft lips.
"How about this, you call and order and I will get ready in the bedroom." I said. 
"Well I guess that would fix it" he replied. 
"Meet me in there in five" I said and went to go get ready.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up the next morning next to Niall. I heard snoring near by, then it hit me, the boys came back from that party. I panicked for a moment then quickly slipped on my clothes. I tapped Niall and told him I was leaving he didn't really respond since he was still half asleep. As I was walking down the hallway each door had the boys rooms I peeked into one of them where the snoring was coming from whose room was apparently Harry's and another girl lay next to him, I rolled my eyes. I could smell the stench of alcohol from Harry's breath all the way from the doorway. He was out cold they all were. I checked Louis's and Liam's room to make sure they weren't cheating on me even though I was cheating on them, they weren't. Then crept into the kitchen/living room was to see Zayn in his boxers trying to pour cereal into a bowl full of alcohol but missing, by far. He looked up at me.
"Hey Jo when did you get here? Did you fly on a unicorn?" He asked still hungover, I froze in mid step.
"Zayn, can u do me a favor and lie down on the couch and close your eyes?" I said in my baby voice.
"Ok" he responded dazed. He walked over to the couch zombie-like and collapsed sprawled out on the sofa. I shuffled out the door.

Wednesday night

Zayn's P.O.V.
I gazed into the mirror dazzled by my good looks, tonight was my date with Jo she was coming over at nine tonight for our "blind" date. I made a reservation at the restaurant in the four seasons. As I walked downstairs to the bar I waited for Jo who was supposed to be wearing a purple scarf and high black boots so I would know its her because it's a "blind" date. I looked for Jo but she didn't show she was probably just late. Or was she. . . My mind trailed off to all of the what ifs.

Jo's P.O.V.
As I walked to the four seasons for my so called "blind" date, I wondered if this whole vengeance thing was me. It really wasn't. But I was going to get him back but not very hard core, I was just going to stand him up for the date. I turned around and started to walk back home. I got invited to this black and white masquerade ball later tonight at like eleven that I said I wasn't going to but now I have other thoughts. I turned to find just what I needed, a boutique with in the windows the perfect dress when I tried it on it was perfect it fit my body perfectly. it was a red sweetheart strapless with sequins.  It even came with a matching mask for free! (Here's the link to see the dress: ok, ok I know it's a black and white masquerade ball but, I like the attention. Tonight was my night.

Zayn's P.O.V.
I waited for Jo to show up but she didn't I waited for like an hour and a half. Then I just bailed. I decided to go to this black and white masquerade ball I was invited to, I needed to get over Jo. I texted Kyle.

Zayn: She didn't show if you don't make up this favor then I'm telling Zara. You have one week.

Kyle's P.O.V.
I lay motionless on the bed, I couldn't move or talk or see I was hopeless. I heard my phone buzz, my phone automatically read the message to me. When I'd heard it I tried and tried and tried to move and open my eyes, but they wouldn't budge. After ten minutes of trying my eyes finally fluttered open. I re-read the text to make sure It was really happening, I was toast.

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