The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


26. Names and Notes

Louis's P.O.V.

"What about James?" I suggested. She shook her head no. I sat up on her bed. 
"To proper" she stated.
"What about Lucas?" I tried again. 
"I love that one so its Lucas Harry Tomlinson. He, if there's a he." She proclaimed. 
"And Paisley Joanna Tomlinson. After our mothers" I said.
"Those names are beautiful, but what if we have two of the same gender?" She questioned. 
"We will get there, If we get there" I answered. 


We got bored of talking after a little while and turned on a movie. We argued about it for a little bit then finally agreed on the Avengers. 

Jo's P.O.V.

My eyes were glued to the screen the Avengers was one of my all time favorite movies. Soon scrolling credits roamed the screen. I looked beside me at Louis sound asleep, he looked so peaceful when he slept, and not to mention cute. Once the kids are born were going to live together anyways, might as well start now. I removed Louis's shoes and put him and myself under the covers. 

*The Next Morning*

Louis's P.O.V.
I awoke to the blinding sun rays through the blinds. I looked over at Jo sleeping next to me. We are going to be great parents. Paisley and Lucas are two lucky kids. 
Where are we going to live? 

I quickly got out of bed trying not to wake her and scribbled on a post-it-note:

Had to run some erins. Sorry for the short notice. Call me when you wake up. 


I hopped into my Lamborghini and asked Siri,
"Find five star open houses near me" 
"I found six five star open houses near you, the first is. . ." Siri informed me. 
"Greenwich Village here I come!" I called getting stares from people walking past. As I revved the engine and zoomed by the green light that flashed before me. 

I arrived at the open house I was dazzled by the good looks of the place. It was perfect. 
"The price for this penthouse is $25,000. Please contact me if you are interested in buying, Would anyone like to make a bid now?" The realtor asked the tour group. 
"$30,000" I called from the back of the group. About twenty heads snapped back at me like an eagle. 
"Would anyone like to top that?" The realtor asked. Everyone shook their heads no.


A/N: Hey guys hope your enjoying the story. Just letting you know I'm coming out with not a sequel but a new Movella I'm writing with some other really great writers its called Expectations and I hope you all read it! 


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