The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


24. Mix Up and "Friends"

Jo's P.O.V. 
As I walked out on the street I remembered I had to face Harry. When I walked to the boys' apartment people pointed fingers and whispered when I walked by, it was like being pregnant in high school all over again. After five more minutes of walking I couldn't take it anymore my fast walk transitioned into a run then soon to a sprint. As I ran the the torture got worse and worse, tears began to fall from my eyes and blended in with the raindrops.

Finally I arrived at their apartment my cheeks had tear stains, I quickly brushed them off before ringing the doorbell. Harry opened the door, thank god! 
"Hey we need to talk" I said.
"Ya we do" he replied and held up a magazine with me on the cover with the tramp stamp. 
"Look, Harry-" I tried to say.
"Is it true?!?" He interrupted angrily. I looked down in shame. He grunted then ran his hand through his hair. "How did this happen?" He asked. I told him about that night at shooting star and truth or dare. "Well I guess there's only one thing we can do, an abortion" he said.
"No, no!" I lashed out "I messed up once giving up my child again and I'm not making the same mistake" I stated. 
"I'm sorry Jo but, I'm not ready to be a father." 
"What? So I'm all alone then?" I gulped. 
"I will give support and all but I can't do this, I mean I'm only 19" he addressed. Niall walked in his genuine smile faded as he made eye contact with me.
"I think you should leave" Niall advised leaving the door open for me. I walked out my head down in shame. 

Harry's P.O.V.
I felt bad for Jo, but its also partly my fault. How can this happen? I couldn't just leave her with my baby but I also couldn't raise the child with her with being in the band and all. I thought really hard about the whole situation I tossed and turned all night long, but by morning I finally came to a conclusion. 

Jo's P.O.V.
I couldn't sleep last night I have to much guilt, stress, and vomiting on my mind right now. I didn't even bother getting out of bed this morning I just lie there, only getting up to puke. I started to slowly drift off. . . *Ring Ring* was the not so soothing sound of my phone. I peered at my clock, 11:00 AM then answered my phone. 
"Hello?" I greeted groggily. 
"Hi is this Jordan Brooke?" The lady asked.
"Yes this is she" I responded.
"I have some news regarding your previous results."
"Yes" I said starting to perk up a bit.
"We have had a misunderstanding concerning the father, some of the doctors accidentally switched the baby DNA with someone else's. So the real father is Louis Tomlinson. Again so sorry for the mix up" she asserted.
"Thank you so much! And just out of curiosity who was the baby's DNA switched with?" I asked.
"Um a girl name Zara Leon" she answered, a smirk spread across my face.
"Ok well thank you so much, again!" I cheered. I ran in to the hallway and pounded on Grandmas door in excitement and joy. When she first opened the door she looked a bit angry then realized who I was and put on her Grandmother face. 
"Grandma, Grandma, Grandma! You are never going to believe what happened!!! Wait is Aaron here, you know the 'exchange student'?" I asked.
"Nope kicked him out right when you told me. So what happened?" 
"Well so. . ." I told. Her jaw dropped in shock when I finished, then her lips curved into a smile. 

After we cheered for a while I went back to my apartment, I was going to tell Louis to come over. I was dialing the number when I received a call.

"Hello?" I greeted.
"Hey it's Harry" oh crap I forgot about Harry. "I have some rather exciting news, I've decided that I want to be the father. Now lets just get this clear, it will be a girl and her name will be Darcy" he said cheery.
"Look Harry about the whole father thing. . . there was a mix up at the hospital and turns out, your not the father." 
"What?" He murmured.
"But you do have a baby" I said.
"We'll who's the moth-" he tried to say but continuos beeps interrupted. 

Harry's P.O.V.
"We'll who's the moth-" I started to say then hung up in shock. . . Zara.

I remembered that night. . . 


I'm so bored I thought I'm to tired to go out. I pulled out my phone from my back pocket.

Harry: hey wanna come over tonight?

Zara: Sure when should I come over?

Harry: Now. 

Zara: Leaving right now. 

(I think you know what happens next) 

As Zara was walking out I handed her $50. 
"Thanks for coming over" I said.
"Anytime what are "friends" for?" She said putting air quotes after friends. 
"Right, "friends"" I replied also using the air quotes. 

*End of Flashback* 

I had been calling Zara over for a while then, she needed the money and at first I was paying her then I stopped because we were just using each other and she was out of her money situation. But I never even thought that this may happen.


Does she know? 

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