The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


15. Masquerade

Zayn's P.O.V.
After I bailed on my date I went home to get changed for the ball. I was there for a little bit, it was pretty cool not having fans asking for pictures or autographs 24/7. I was really having fun, I was dancing showing off a bit to a few girls and then, It was like love at first sight. I didn't have a clue on who she was, she may even be some sycotic fan for all I know but, I felt as if I was brainwashed by her beauty. She walked down the grand staircase her sequined dress shimmered as the spotlight in my head that shined down on her. My mouth hung open. As she strutted down the stairs I quickly ran to the bottom to be the first to ask her to dance. As she reached the bottom of the staircase I asked,
"Would you care to dance?" I asked as politely as possible and held out my arm.
"I would love to" the mystery girl responded, taking my arm. As we danced the silence was getting kind of awkward, I had to get to know my future girlfriend.
"What's your name?" I questioned my lip quivered in fear.
"Well if I told you what would be the whole point of a masquerade?" She declared slyly. I dipped her. 
"Well tell me something about yourself then" I exclaimed.
"I love to dance" my mystery girl responded. I dipped her again.
"We'll your quite good at it" I complimented.
"Why thank you" she beamed. 
"You do know this is a black and white ball right?" I asked suspiciously.
"We'll of course I do, I like the attention" she declared. We talked and danced together for ages, fast and slow songs. A few other guys cut in once or twice, but we always found our way back to each other. 

Jo's P.O.V.
After a few hours we went to my place. I said,
"If we're doing this I have one condition, the masks stay on" I reasoned. The mystery boy agreed. We talked a little bit about our most embarrassing secrets (I don't really know why). I told him,
"In high school I dated this guy, Kyle and he cheated on me so we broke up but I was pregnant, he doesn't even know. I put the child up for adoption her name is Olivia. She was sent to an orphanage, and I haven't seen her since." I said in sorrow.
"That's terrible" he responded. I was on top of him, sparks were flying like crazy, when my mask fell of, revealing my face, my true identity. I covered my face in shock and fear.
"Jo?" The mystery boy asked.
"Who are you?" I asked. I pulled of the mask revealing. . . Zayns face?!?!?!?!?!? "Did you set me up just because I bailed on our "blind" date!?!?!?!?" I demanded in shock.
"No I didn't even know this was you. Wait you knew about that date?!?!?!" 
"Um ya! When Kyle got into that car crash I saw the texts on his phone from you. Your blackmailing him!" I argued.
"Wait your Kyle is my Kyle?!?! Wait a car crash?!?!" Zayn said in shock.
"Ya he's in coma at the hospital right now! You better stop blackmailing him Zayn! So you might as well call your little deal off because you got what you wanted Zayn!" I yelled angrily.
"Does this mean were not going to see each other again?" He asked sadly.
"No, at work" I assured.
"That's not what I mean" he said. 
"You can stay for the night but that's it Zayn. Only because I had fun dancing with you, but only if you don't tell anyone about this or what I told you tonight." I warned. Zayn nodded and cuddled up next to me. I have to admit tonight was pretty fun other than the fact that my mystery boy was Zayn. He wasn't really as bad as I thought he was.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up next to Zayn I woke him up and quickly got ready for work he just lay there staring at the wall, at me.
"I had fun last night you know" he said rubbing his eyes in exhaustion. 
"So did I, for the first part of the night" I hesitated then added. 
"We should do this again" he said. 
"Um Zayn, I don't think we should."
"But why not? I really like you Jo, a lot" he exclaimed.
"Because I work with you I'm your manager" I stated.
"We'll how about this," his tone getting tense, "you come over to my place later, or I will tell the rest of the band about us last night" he threatened, and smirk appeared on his face.
"Enough with the blackmail Zayn! It's illegal you know, I could report you. And I have evidence" I snarled, and held up my phone with a screen shot of the text messages that I sent to my phone (I thought it would be good to have, just in case). That smirk of his was wiped right off his face,  Zayn snatched my phone and deleted the picture.
"See you tonight" he sneered and gave off a smirk and left. As soon as Zayn left, he forgot his belt. Whatever, I thought.

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