The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


18. Fish Out Of Water

Jo's P.O.V.
When Mrs. Wiggs told me she was my grandma I totally flipped out on the inside like a fish out of the water. I had spilled out my whole life story to her even the inappropriate parts this was BAD!!! I couldn't help noticing certain facial features like my mothers and mine.

Mrs. Wiggs' P.O.V.
I had just dropped the biggest bomb on Jo, I felt really guilty about it. She must have so many questions on her mind.
"But, but how, what?!?-" she stuttered. 
"Now it's my turn to tell my story. After your mother died I worried about you, I really did. But I was to drowned in my own feelings about loosing your mother that I shut myself out from the rest of the world for many, many years. I was in serious depression. Then one day I finally got the courage to go out side I started to walk to the big metal door that lead to the outside world and a man in all black ran towards me, grabbed my bag I tried to hit him with my cane I started to chase after him then the hit me with the door. . . everything went black from there. I woke up in a hospital bed one day apparently a year and a half later, with my memories gone. When I was released from the hospital they took me to my flat before the accident and I saw a little charm bracelet. It looked very familiar but I couldn't grasp the memory locked deep down in my head. I stared at it for many months trying to recall the memory. Then ten years later I remembered. It was your mothers charm bracelet, I collected it from the old belongings of your mother. But I still didn't have the whole memory in my reach. A month or so later just like that I remembered it was for you Jo," I  recalled. Then looked down at my wrist where the bracelet was. I removed it from my boney wrist and placed it around hers.
"But how did you find me?" She questioned.
"I remembered you when I remembered who the rightful owner of this bracelet. Then my life goal was to find and care for you. I regretted not seeing you grow up, the closest thing I had left to your mother." I told eyes glazed with a tears about to fall from my eyes. Hers looked the same the same deep brown color. "You have your mothers eyes, you know?" And then I left.

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