The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


2. First Day


Jo's P.O.V.

In front of me stood my idols, One direction and Billy their music producer. When I first laid eyes on them I started screaming inside!!! My heart skipped a beat maybe even two! Play it cool I thought to myself. But as I walked in they sort of froze. One of them yelled for security. A puzzled expression spread across my face.

"No, no boys, this isn't another fan. I would like you to meet Jordan your new manager." Billy announced. "Jordan this is-" The boys gave each other glances and then started trampling over each other and the furniture to come and introduce themselves. Niall did a sort of duck, drop, and roll method to get to me faster, fixed his hair, and held out his hand.

“Hey I’m Niall,” he said in a smooth tone.

“Hi I’m Jordan but my friends call me Jo” I replied. He’s so much cuter in person I thought, they all were. Next Louis came up to me and introduced himself in the same smooth tone as Niall. I replied the same as well. Then Zayn and so on.


“Welcome Jordan to the One Direction crew.” Billy announced.

“Oh it’s Jo actually” I corrected.

“Well Jordan I’ll leave you to get to know the boys a bit. By the way that’s your desk over there.” Billy pointed to beautiful glass desk with a built in light on the desktop. 

I could get used to this.


Harry’s P.O.V.

Billy forgot one major detail about Jo, first she wasn’t forty like our last manager Laura who quit because she could take our music which was so called “nonsense”, Laura made us move to the big apple for the year because British people are more popular in America. and second she was insanely pretty! I am starting to wonder why Billy hired her in the first place. She’s young so and it’s probably her first job. He really should have known we all would want to date her, I mean how could he be that stupid? Wait he’s probably testing us . . .I’m going to keep my distance to be safe.


Zayn’s P.O.V.

OMG I cannot believe Billy actually let loose for once and hired her. I mean she’s gorgeous! I wonder If she’s single? I better make my move before the rest of the guys do and fast. I’ll stay back after everyone else leaves then ask her out.


Louis’s P.O.V.

I’m speechless . . . but all know is that I have to make my move without Billy or the rest of the guys seeing. I’ll stay back a few minutes and then ask her out.


Jo’s P.O.V.

While the band were just off to their thoughts I started putting down my stuff on the desk. Then finally Liam started talking.

“So where are you from?” Liam asked.

“Upstate new york” I answered.

“Oh so you moved to the city just for this job huh?” He questioned. He glanced at his friends who were deep in thought, then back at me.

“So if you’d like I could show you a moonlight tour around the city, the Big Apple really comes alive at night?” He said in that smooth tone that they all seemed to use.

“I’d love to” I said “but nothing unprofessional though. I just got the job I don’t want to lose it.” I said trying not to sound like a work freak.

“Of course. Friday?”

“Friday” I said.

SCORE!!! I thought.


Liam’s P.O.V.

Thank god she said yes it would have been so embarrassing if she said no. I had really hoped she hadn’t talked abou the whole not  being unprofessional thing though. But I’ll make her change her mind.





Thank you guys so much for reading I really appreciate it. this is my first movella so you might not think its good. And sorry about the first short chapter I tried to make this one longer.


<3 KT

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