The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


27. Delivery and A New Beginning

*9 Months Later*

Jo's P.O.V.
I wailed in pain as two murses pushed me and my HUGE stomach on a gurney thought the emergency room doors. The murses continued to repeat breath, breath over and over again it got old and quite annoying after ten minutes. Louis was running beside me sweat beating down his forehead as he told me it was going to be alright even though it wasn't much help just like he looked nervous as hell when he said it. 

I finally got into a hospital room greeted by a few doctors and Grandma. Louis held my hand 
"Alright now Jo I want you to push as hard as you can on the count of three and squeeze your hand. And I wouldn't do that Mr." The doctor instructed.
"I think I'm fine" Louis replied all tough.
"Alright One, Two, Three!" The doctor counted, I pushed as hard as I possibly could and wailed in more pain. I must have squeezed Louis's hand really hard because his face became a reddish pink color. Crying started to ring through my ears I couldn't help but smile. "It's a boy!" The nurse cheered. 
"Alright Jo, we need you to push one more time" the doctor instructed again. "One, Two, Three!" The doctor counted once again and the procedure repeated again with Louis and my pain. I heard more crying.
"It's a girl!" The same nurse cheered once again, man having twins is really double trouble.


I fluttered my eyes open and squinted the harsh light shining directly in my eyes. I looked up at Louis holding a little baby girl in his arms he was so good with her, Louis looked over at me squinting.
"Oh sorry" Louis apologized then put down the baby and shut the blinds.
"It's fine" I looked over at the two cribs one with a blue blanket and one with a pink. 
"Would you like to hold one of them?" Louis asked, I nodded in return. 
Louis picked up the boy and walked over to me with him carefully. 
"Here you go, Lucas I would like you to meet your Mommy" he introduced and picked up Paisley.  

Lucas had crystal blue eyes like his father. Paisley had my hazel eyes that gleamed in the sunlight.

"They're wonderful" I complimented. 
"And they're all ours. Jo I have a surprise for you. You know how I've been kind of awkward and sort of sneaky around you? Well I figured were going to need a bigger place to stay since the boys won't like screaming at one in the morning and your studio isn't fit for children. So I bought an apartment" he told. 
"Louis that's wonderful but where is it?" I questioned.
"You'll see in a few days while your out of the hospital" he replied.

Grandma walked in. 
"There's my little girl already a mommy" she said, "aw perfect Louis stand next to Jo with Paisley, and say cheese!" She instructed. "Can I see one of the little angels?" 
"Of course" I answered and handed her Lucas. "Louis will you take our picture?" 
"Course" he said and handed me Paisley then snapped the picture.
"Well I will leave you to it then. I'll stop by after dinner. Bye now!" Grandma said. 

"Knock, knock!" Zayn said.
"Hey come on in!" I requested, the five boys all came in. All of us have made up and are all good friends. But Harry and I are still a little bit well. . . Eh, Zara got an abortion and is having a bit of karma come back to her. 

The boys stayed for an hour and played with Paisley and Lucas until it was nap time (and until they started crying or needed a diaper change) The babies giggled as they played with them, Louis and I couldn't help but smile about how well they got along.

"Jo I just wanted to say I love you and our family more than anything else in the world and I couldn't think of a better time to give you this" Louis confessed, and got down on one knee. And pulled out a ring box which he then opened revealing a ring. . . A promise ring. "And some day Ms. Jordan Brooke, I want to marry you" Louis declared. I covered my mouth in shock.
"Yes one day Mr. Louis Tomlinson, I want to marry you" I cheered, tears of joys began to stream down my face. 

I lay on the hospital Louis sitting next to me. 
"What is our life going to be like now Louis?" I asked. 
"A lot different" he replied. Suddenly I remembered something. When I was giving birth I had a flashback. It was the same thing me being rushed into the emergency room except no one was by my side, to comfort me. My Olivia I gave her away and I regret it every single day. 
"Louis I need a favor, a serious favor. You know that this isn't my first time giving brith, and I have another child and I was maybe wondering if. . . " 
"Of course, hey we've already got two what more is a third. I'm going downstairs to go sign some papers. Olivia is going to be one lucky kid today" he understood and left the room. I sighed in relief. 

Louis's P.O.V.
I left the room and went downstairs to the orphanage. I imagined about how guilty Jo must feel about putting her first born up for adoption but she was really young, her decision is reasonable. 

I walked up to the adoption center counter.
"Hi my girlfriend and I would like to make an adoption" 


Olivia's P.O.V.
I sat in the corner of the playroom of the orphanage like everyday. I thought of my mother and father and if they might miss me right now, I hope they do. 
"Olivia?" Shannon the person that looked after me and all of the other kids called.
"Yes" I perked up.
"It's your day you are being adopted!" she said cheery. 
"Really?!?" I asked excitedly. 
"Yes come on" she gestured. I walked over to her with a skip in my step and took her hand. I couldn't wait to meet my new parents. We approached a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes with a red and white striped shirt. 
"Hello!" he greeted and crouched down to my level. I waved shyly standing partially behind Shannon. As I looked past him I saw a big poster with five boys on them one of them looked exactly like the one in front of me. I pointed to it. He chuckled. "My name is Louis I'm going to be your new dad" he said. I looked at him curiously inspecting my new father. "What's your name?" He asked me.
"Olivia" I responded quietly. 
"That's a lovely name" he complimented. 
"Olivia what do you say?" Shannon asked me.
"Thank you" I answered. 
"Now Olivia are you going to be okay? Don't worry you have a mother too. I'm going to miss you so much!" Shannon said.
"I'm going to miss you too!" I responded and gave her a big hug. 
"You can always call me ok?" Shannon assured. I nodded and waved as I walked away with my new dad, with our fingers interlocked. 

Jo's P.O.V.
I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for Louis and Olivia. I ran things through in my head of how I wanted things to go. Then I heard Louis's voice down the hall followed by a young sweet one. My heart beat sped up a bit in excitement. Then a with long chocolate hair entered through the doorway with Kyle's eyes. When I first laid eyes on her something clicked in my head, fate. 
*Two Days Later*

"Alright Ms. Brooke you are free to go" a nurse informed us. 
"Thank you" said Louis. "Ready to go?" 
"I know I am" Olivia assured. Olivia and I were cool we had that mother daughter bond but her and Louis and her were still getting used to each other.
"Ready for the surprise, our surprise house?" Louis asked cheery.
"Oh we're ready!" I replied. ***

The five of us pulled up to a very nice building with a doorman, valet,  and everything! 
"George" Louis greeted and tossed him the car keys. He nodded in return.
As we all walked into to elevator (it was a tight fit with the two little ones in their bulky carriers) and the building had fifteen floors, Louis pressed the 15 button, I gave him a are you being serious glance. The elevator gave a little ding then opened its tall doors. Those doors opened up into a small room with a door. 
"Ok everyone are you ready to see your new home? Now may I add that everyone's rooms may not to be to their likings because, well because I'm no decorator. Alright get ready!" Louis announced and opened the door. 

It was ginormous! It was a four level home with a private terrace. It had six rooms, four bedrooms (included), and four bathrooms. When we first walked in we saw the connected living room and kitchen with a wooden floor with yellow walls it had a full kitchen set. The living room was also orange with white couch and chairs with green polka dots. It had a massive flat screen too! I walked up the black stairs there were two doors I walked into one which was full on nursery it had cribs and everything it was painted blue. The other door led to a room with lavender walls and a queen size canopy bed.
"This was going to be the guest bedroom but now I guess it's for Olivia" said Louis.

As I traveled up the next flight of stairs I opened the only door to a bedroom with a king sized bed and everything was so white and pure. 
"Louis, I love it! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" I marveled. 
"I'm glad you think that, but there's more" he exclaimed.
"More?" I replied.
I followed Louis upstairs to a room with white walls and every toy a kid could ever imagine. And the best part is it was all baby proof! Wow I'm such a mom now. 
"Louis it's fabulous but why white?" I asked
"We'll I figured when the kids got older we could splatter paint it. It would be a fun project, as a family" 
"As a family" I repeated.

I walked downstairs to see Olivia who had already tried out the new TV. 

"Louis this is a fairy tale" I marveled admiring the new house.
"Yes, and your my princess" he pulled me close for a kiss, a long kiss. . . But it had to be interrupted by crying. . . 

Well it's a new beginning. . . 

***THE END*** 



A/N: thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed this movella. I'm currently going back and revising (I know it's been a while).


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