The Manager

When Jo an insanely pretty twenty two year old girl is hired to be One Directions new manager, the band all fall head over heels and is told to keep their relationship a secret. And secrets are meant to be told.


11. Darkness

  *Six weeks later*

Jo's P.O.V.
About two months have passed and I've gone on about five dates with Louis, four dates with Niall, and five dates with Liam. 
On the fifth date with Louis it was perfect. We met up for a picnic in the park, soon it began to downpour we danced and skipped and laughed in the rain, when I became cold he gave me his jacket(awwww). After we went back to his place to get changed I wore one of his t-shirts and my skinny jeans  then hit the movies. We watched this hilarious horror movie which was surprisingly a chick flick too. Then dinner at this fancy Italian place, then hit the night club. We we got totally wasted then headed back to my place still drunk. We started making out again and he wanted to do "it" again, and this time I let him. The next morning I woke up beside Louis with alcohol breath. 
    On my fifth date with Liam we went to shooting star and got drunks the next morning I woke up next to him in my bed, I think you know what happened the night before.
    On the fourth date with Niall at Nandos it was a complete different situation, I saw him less than I did with Liam and Louis, but the dates we had were a lot longer. My phone buzzed. 

Niall: Date tonight? My place?

Jo: Will the rest of the band be there?

Niall: No there going to some big party in Brooklyn tonight. Is it a date?

Jo: It's a date. See you then!

Kyle's P.O.V.
Zayn told me I had to "bump" into Jo to get his plan to work, but really I just want this blackmail to go away. Apparently he's been stalking Jo for the past two months and said she likes to eat lunch at the deli across the street from where she lives on Saturdays. So I waited at the deli for a half an hour, not even knowing if she'd be there, my leg shaking in fright of coming in contact with her.

Jo's P.O.V.
I glanced at my clock Saturday 12:00 PM my stomach grumbled and growled  at the hungry sight. I walked across the street o the deli to grab a bit with bounce in my step as I listened to "live while we're young" by One Direction. As I walked through the door the bell jingled. A familiar face turned around and entered my sight. Kyle my ex-boyfriend from high school.
"Hey Kyle?" I replied cheery. 
"Jo wow its been a while since I've seen you!" He said.
"Ya. What are you doing in town?" I asked.
"Um, Er, just visiting some friends," he replied nervously, his leg trembling rapidly. I sat down next to him.
"Hey we should meet up later" Kyle said.
"Um ya maybe" I answered unsure of what my response would be.

Kyle's P.O.V.
I could tell that Jo didn't really want to meet up so I decided to tell her the truth.
"Ok here's the thing, a friend of mine hasn't dated anyone for a long time he is super nice but he hasn't just found the right person, so I told him I would set him up on a blind date. Will you please be his date?" I pleaded.
"Um just one date, how bad could it be?" She responded.
"Cool I will text you the info. Thanks again, your a life saver!" I said then left the deli. As I was walking across the street I pulled out my phone.

Kyle: Your in on the date.

Kyle: When do you want it?

Zayn: Wednesday night 9:00 sharp.

I began walking across the street, my eyes glued to my phone.

I pulled away from my phone only to see bright headlights in face then... darkness 

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