Up All Night

Cara's a Directioner. She's one of the minority that won't freak out when she meets One Direction. And that's what makes one of the boys fall for her. But their love story isn't going to always be perfect. That's what makes them real and ready to stay up all night for each other.


13. Up All Night~Liam

“Tomorrow’s the last night of the tour,” I say with a sigh. “And then I have two weeks off.”

Cara squeezes my hand.  “One of which you’re spending with me.  I’ll be in classes for most of the day, but we can go out to dinner and do whatever we like in the evenings, provided I’m not back too late.  My RD is kind of strict.”

“I wish you could come home with me and meet my family,” I reply with a little pout.

“I’m sorry I can’t,” Cara says.  She shakes her head ruefully. “I can always visit over my winter break.”

“I’d like that,” I whisper before softly kissing her cheek.


“Cara, this is my mum, my dad, and my sisters, Ruth and Nicola,” I say. “Mum, Dad, Nicola, Ruth, this is Cara.”  I wrap my arm around Cara’s shoulders.  “My girlfriend.”

My dad shakes her hand, while my mum and sisters warmly embrace Cara.  Instantly, she seems to be more at ease.  I could tell the whole way here that Cara was super nervous.  I felt a bit honored that she wanted to impress them so much that she was nervous.

“When are the lads getting here, Liam?” Mum asks.

“Not until Boxing Day,” I reply.

“Are all of them coming?” Cara asks next.

I nod.  “Yup.  Eleanor and Perrie, too.”  Harry and Taylor broke up back in early October, so she obviously won’t be coming.

Cara’s expression is unreadable, and I can’t help but wonder if something is wrong.  She’d tell me if there was, though.  Wouldn’t she?

“Come on, let’s get your bags upstairs, love,” I say, gently tugging on Cara’s arm.

I watch as she smiles at me.  The grin doesn’t reach her eyes.  My heart starts to thud ominously.  Something is most definitely wrong, and Cara isn’t telling me what’s up.

When we get up to my room, I try and maneuver the conversation around to my mates again, to see what happens.  I mention Niall first, and Cara willingly and happily chats about him and what he’s told her about his Christmas plans.  Next I bring up Louis and Eleanor.  Cara seems excited to meet Louis’s girlfriend, so that can’t be it.

But then I say something about Harry and Taylor and how it’s too bad Cara couldn’t have met Taylor.  Cara’s countenance falters, and she flinches ever-so slightly.

So it’s something about Harry.  Maybe he said something to her.  Did he try to make a move on her after his break-up with Taylor?  Although I love Harry dearly—like a brother—I wouldn’t put it past him.


When Harry gets to my house in the afternoon on Boxing Day, I keep a close eye on him and Cara.  She seems to be keeping her distance and mostly talking to Niall, although when Louis and Eleanor arrive, she shyly introduces herself.  Eleanor is warm and sweet, just like always.  And when Perrie arrives, she lights up the room with her bubbly personality.  I knew Cara would get on well with Louis and Zayn’s girlfriends, but to see it actually happen is relieving.  And perhaps I’m imagining everything with Harry and Cara.

On New Year’s Eve, we’re having a party.  I can’t wait to celebrate it with Cara and stay up all night.



Author's Note: Well that's the last chapter!  What do y'all think?  Should I write a sequel?  Sound off in the comments. ;)

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