Up All Night

Cara's a Directioner. She's one of the minority that won't freak out when she meets One Direction. And that's what makes one of the boys fall for her. But their love story isn't going to always be perfect. That's what makes them real and ready to stay up all night for each other.


2. Stole My Heart~Liam

I watch as surprise flashes in Cara’s eyes.  She murmurs her thanks and then greets Niall.  I have to smile, since she and Megan are so nice to him.  The fans that ignore Niall or act like jerks with him piss me off.  Cara gets a hug from Niall, too, and I realize she asked the other guys for the same, as well.  My heart sinks just a little.

As Niall signs Megan’s CD, I slip him a quick note I scribbled out.

Ask Cara if she’d like our numbers! I said.

Niall gives me a curious look, but I quickly turn back to the fan approaching me.  She’s a crier.  I have no time to pay attention to Cara, to see if she actually got our phone numbers.

Finally, at a quiet moment, I ask Niall, “Did you ask her?”

He nods.  “Yeah.  She was pretty shocked, but she said yes, of course.  I gave her yours and mine.  What’s up, Liam?  You never give fans your number.”

“I’ve fallen for Cara,” I admit. “She stole my heart.”

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