Up All Night

Cara's a Directioner. She's one of the minority that won't freak out when she meets One Direction. And that's what makes one of the boys fall for her. But their love story isn't going to always be perfect. That's what makes them real and ready to stay up all night for each other.


12. More Than This~Cara

Pretending nothing is wrong is quite easy when your boyfriend is literally hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of miles away.  We have “dates” over FaceTime a lot and text and talk on the phone almost every day for the entire summer.

September comes.  It’s the middle of the month now, and I’m up late—past two a.m., writing a paper I forgot is due this afternoon.  Megan, my roommate this year, is sound asleep, but I’m texting Holly every so often.  My phone rings, and I pick it up curiously.

It’s Harry.  My heart immediately starts to race.  Why is he calling at two in the morning?  Did something happen to Liam?

“Harry?” I say. “What’s wrong?  Is Liam okay?”

“Liam’s fine,” replies Harry.  He starts to ramble incoherently about something.  It suddenly hits me that Harry Styles has drunk-dialed me.

“Um, Harry—” I start to interrupt, but he forges on, this time his words understandable.

“I love you, Cara.  Taylor is old news.  She’s gotten so boring.  Please leave Liam and be mine,” Harry says.

I freeze.  They say that a drunk often spills things he doesn’t mean to say aloud.  Seems that’s the case with one Mr. Harry Edward Styles.  But how could he not love Taylor anymore?  She seems like one of the sweetest, coolest girls around.  And for Harry to want me to break up with Liam…it’s impossible.  Even if I’m uncertain about being with Liam, I would never leave him for Harry.  I don’t even have romantic feelings for Harry!

Harry is still talking.  “Liam could never love you more than this, Cara, because I love you as much as anyone could feel for someone else.  Just tell me you feel the same way.”

“I…I can’t,” I stumble over my words.  Then I quickly hang out and stare at my phone in horror.  Why does my life have to be such a mess?

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