Up All Night

Cara's a Directioner. She's one of the minority that won't freak out when she meets One Direction. And that's what makes one of the boys fall for her. But their love story isn't going to always be perfect. That's what makes them real and ready to stay up all night for each other.


6. I Want~Liam


“Hey, let’s go, Liam,” Niall says from behind me.  Then he sees what I can’t take my eyes off of.  “Oh, is that her…?”

“He kissed her cheek, so my bet is on yes,” I say sharply. “Come on, let’s go.  I can’t stand to see her with another guy.”

Niall puts his hand on my shoulder.  “Man, you’ve really got it bad for her.”

He guides me out of the Starbucks.  We head to our waiting car, and Niall tells the driver where we’d like to go next.  Honestly, I just want to return to our hotel and mope.  I’m feeling worse than my break-up with Danielle ever made me feel.

“Hey, let’s go to the zoo!” Niall exclaims. “That’ll cheer you up.”

I can’t help but laugh.  “Niall, the nearest zoo is, like, twenty minutes away.  Besides, we need to back at the hotel in an hour.”

He pouts a bit.  The car pulls up at the state capitol building, something we were interested in seeing.  Besides, counting how many girls are screamers, criers, completely silent, and completely normal at meet-and-greets, Niall and I try to visit the state capitol building in every U.S. state we perform in.

We get to go inside and look around the main entrance before it’s time for us to head back to the hotel.  Once there, Niall proceeds to scarf down the leftover pizza while I check my phone for messages and hop on Twitter.

St. Paul is cool.  Last show in MN tonight for another month, I Tweet.

Then I take a deep breath and slip into the bedroom.  I lock the door behind me, so Zayn or Niall can’t come in without my knowledge.  Then I choose Cara’s speed dial number in my phone.

It seems like she might not pick up, but then she does.

“Hello?” her voice is a whisper.

“Hi,” I reply.

“Liam, what do you want?” Cara asks. “I’m still out with Jonathan.  I had to make an excuse and say you were my RA.”

“Please give me a chance,” I plead. “You’ve stolen my heart.  I’m leaving tomorrow morning to continue the tour, but we’re coming back to Minnesota and doing another show in Minneapolis in a month.  Let me take you on a date then.”

“You don’t even know me,” she says. “And I have a boyfriend, who I like very much.  I’m not throwing my relationship away for a guy in a boy band, who, I might add, lives in another country.”

“Harry and Taylor make it work,” I point out. “You can’t deny that you felt a spark, too.  Please, Cara.”

Cara is quiet for a long moment.  “Okay, maybe I have feelings for you, but I think it’s just a celebrity crush.  Basically all I know about you is what I’ve read and heard in interviews.  And you know next to nothing about me, Liam.  It wouldn’t work.”

“But I want you,” I breathe.

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