Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


16. To a new start

I wander through our corridor as the team of nurses tend to harry. Aimlessly i flip through pamphlets left in an organizer for patients to read. I dont really read any information i just examine the pictures and attempt to look interested. My phone buzzes in my purse repeatedly alerting me i have a call. I heave my belongs to the side in order to reach my phone. I swipe to accept the call and step into the other hall before saying "hello?" "Hi kaili. Its Sam from the shop" i know sam really well, shes been my manager for about 2 years. "Hi sammy! whats up?" I ask. Finally it seems as if ill have an escape from all this stress while still being present in case of an emergency or better yet harry wakes up. "I needed to let you know... i dont know how much longer we can hang onto you. Its been an ongoing discussion and..." her voice fades away slowly. "Sam, are you firing me?" I quiver. "Not firing. Just warning that although we truely do understand your position we think it might be better if we were able to open up your position to someone more available. And maybe after all this has been resolved you can begin working here again but for the time being we feel its necessary to move on." Sam rewords my firing. "Alright, i understand. Thank you." I sigh. "Were still friends. Know that much okay? I will be here for you but from a buisness point i have to do my job." Sammy replies. "I know sammy. Ill talk to you when i get a chance." I finish and hang up. By this point im already on the ground shaking my head. I have no way of making money and yes harry has lots of money hes a worldwide star but i need to be independent. I cant rely on harry for everything which is proving to be a very important lesson. I relied on harry for so much of my happiness lately that i feel myself slipping into depression and back into self harm. "Kaili? Were done now." A nurse tells me peaking her head out the door. I nod slowly as she leaves. Theres no rush to get to harry or anyone else right now. What i need is to get myself put back together and try to cope with all the events. I text paul a quick message telling him that i will be out and to call me if anything happens. I keep the optimistic idea of being able to free my mind of stress present and hop into the car. As the engine roars to life little things comes on and i immediately change the station. "Not today." I mummer as i reverse out of the parking lot and into the street.
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