Where are you?

Kaili has always had a normal life. Being a single mother was just the way it was, but when Kaili and Alisha her four year old daughter go to meet a producer her life turns upside down completely. Everyone has the same question on their mind "whos the father".


2. the past is the past

When I wake up in the morning Alisha is already in the kitchen
eatting cereal. "Morning baby." I chime and she looks up and smiles at me with her cheeks full of food. "How'd you get yourself breakfast? " I ask surprised at my 4 year old daugthers outstanding intelligence. She got that from her father, but i cant think of he's long gone and hes not coming back. Alisha responded by pointing at a chair dragged.over between the cabinet and the fridge. I grinned at her and pulled the chair over next to her. "So are you ready for today?" I ask her. "What are we doing today mommy?" She responds through a mouthful of cereal. "You dont have school and mommy has to go meet her new producer so you get to come with!" I said happily hoping she would be excited. "Yay!" She clapped. If only she knew that this was not a 'yay' place. I am dreading going to meet steve because even though this could be my big break this is also where i met him. He had the eyes that intrigued you into everything he said, he had the lips that made you lose your focus and he had the voice that could soothe you no matter what. He was the reason that my life changed dramatically. * "hi, my name is kaili. Im here to record a demo" i said to a man sitting in a chair facing the recording studio. "Oh im sorry i forgot you were coming. Do you mind waiting? We just have this young man in here finishing up his solo." The man told me while he pushed some buttons and moved some knobs. "Sure. No problem." I replied and sat down on the sofa against the wall. I took out my blackberry and texted my friend sophia. "Alrighty all done." Said a voice with a thick accent. "That was amazing. Im really happy with the way this album is turning out. Great job today!" The man controlling the board told the guy who was recording. "Well well well whos this beauty?" He says walking over to me. "Im recording a demo today." I tell him uninterested. "Lets grab a bite and then after we- can go to my place if you feel its right." He whispers in my ear. "Sure. After i finish recording." I respond with a grin. * if only i had said no. No i wont go anywhere with you because i dont know you and your already all over me. But i didnt say no because he was so charming and i couldnt say no.
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